2019 GroceryShop Robotics Show Guide

​September 15, 2019

The 2019 GroceryShop event opened today at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV and runs through Wednesday, September 18. The show is sold out, but GroceryShop is emerging as the premier grocery tech event, for both brick and mortar and ecommerce solutions. The GroceryShop folks put on a stellar event with excellent content. But do take a moment between all of the sessions to check out the latest from all of the vendors at the show.

We’ve ​mapped out all of the vendors for you!

​There are 148 exhibitors ​on the show floor this year, but there are 7 automation vendors. We’ve done the homework for you and mapped out the mobile robot and automation vendor that you’ll want to see. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Bossa Nova (Booth 332)

Bossa Nova makes one of the leading retail inventory solutions, which uses an automomous mobile robot to traverse your store and count inventory using a camera mounted on the robot.

Dematic (Booth 135)

Dematic is one of the largest North American solution providers and system integrators. They automate warehouse and distribution centers using all kinds of conveyance technologies, including robotic pick cells and autonomous mobile robots.

Fabric (Formerly CommonSense Robotics) (Booth 333)

Israeli-based CommonSense Robotics recently rebranded the organization as “Fabric” and opened a North American headquarters. Fabric utilizes autonomous mobile robots as part of a warehouse sized automatic storage and retrieval solution, exclusively designed for grocery order shipment packaging and click and collect fulfillment. They have a novel solution that is worth seeing if you’re considering warehouse automation.

Gather AI (Booth SS31)

Gather.ai is the world’s first software-only autonomous inventory management platform for modern warehouses. They leverage off-the-shelf drones to fly autonomous around your warehouse and do inventory management. They are on startup street, and worth checking out this novel inventory management solution.

RightHand Robotics (Booth 334)

RightHand Robotics uses vision guidance and a collaborative robot arm to pick product from bins for order fulfillment. RightPick is the future of e-commerce order fulfillment, combining the performance of traditional automation with the flexibility of traditional workflows. If you are looking for a debinning solution, checkout RightHand.

RoboMart (Booth 733)

RoboMart has developed an innovative “mobile store” which can drive autonomously on the street to both deliver customer orders, as well and offer a selection of other items for sale. If you are looking for last mile fulfillment, check out RoboMart.

Takeoff Technologies (Booth 221)

Takeoff Technologies is another grocery warehouse automation solution. Takeoff delivers warehouse sized ASRS systems for grocery fulfillment and click and collect fulfillment. They have raised $38M in funding so far, and are in growth mode worldwide.

​More Information

​For a complete listing of all of the exhibitors, check out the GroceryShop Sponsor page or the GroceryShop Exhibitor Map​ for more information about the vendors.

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