2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards open for submissions

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WTWH Media is seeking nominations for the 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards. Credit: Adobe Stock

The RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards have recognized the most influential and innovative organizations in the robotics industry for more than a decade. WTWH Media’s Robotics Group is seeking nominations for the prestigious 2024 RBR50 list.

Innovation may be difficult to quantify, but developers and startups are constantly striving to design and build new robots to serve commercial applications. The most successful innovations can rapidly influence a shifting and maturing industry.

Each year, a team of experts selects the most interesting and important robotics innovations from around the world. The deadline for submissions is Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. Submit your nomination below.

All the 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award winners will be celebrated at a gala dinner at the Robotics Summit & Expo, which will be held on May 1 and 2 in Boston.

Innovation categories to consider

As in past years, the RBR50 Innovation Awards is looking for submissions in the following categories:

RBR50 Robotics Innovation AwardsTechnologies, products, and services: This category includes primary or applied research published between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2023, focusing on robotics and supporting technologies such as motion control, vision, or machine learning.

It also includes new products and business, engineering, or technology services. Examples range from design, manufacturing, and legal services to new Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) offerings.

Business and management: This category covers initiatives positioning a company as a market leader or an organization as an important thought leader in the robotics ecosystem.

Significant mergers and acquisitions are relevant, as are supplier, partner, and integrator relationships. 

In addition, efforts to improve safety, environmental sustainability, workforce development and diversity, and support of underserved groups will be considered.

Applications and markets: The 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards will also recognize innovations that improve productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness, as well as those that automate new tasks.

Relevant markets include manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, healthcare and medical, and agriculture. Others include construction, energy and utilities, hospitality, and transportation.

New RBR50 awards for 2024

This year, the RBR50 will spotlight the following:

Startup of the Year: The nominee must be less than five years old or pre-Series A, and it must be already testing its innovation with customers.

Application of the Year: The winner will be a use case that has previously been difficult to automate and where robotics and automation have demonstrated a clear benefit over previous processes.

Robot of the Year: The RBR50 awards are seeking a complete system that is a game-changer in terms of technology innovation, use case, and industry influence. 

Benefits for RBR50 honorees

Past RBR50 winners have proudly displayed their status in their RoboBusiness and Robotics Summit booths, as well as at their headquarters, on their websites, and in marketing campaigns. The 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award winners will receive the following:

  • A press release listing the winners will be distributed to major newswires, as well as through WTWH Media’s extensive social media channels.
  • The 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award winners, including finalists for the startup, application, and robot of the year, will be celebrated at the first gala dinner at the Robotics Summit.
  • WTWH’s Robotics Group will list and profile each of the winners, and its sites will cover any of their announcements throughout the year.

For any questions related to the 2024 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards, please contact editors Steve Crowe or Eugene Demaitre. For sponsorship information, contact Courtney Nagle.

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