PODCAST: Aerobotix integrates robots that inspect, prepare, and paint combat aircraft

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The featured interview is a conversation with Aerobotix VP of Sales, Chris Kolb. Aerobotix builds and integrates robotic inspection, sanding, and painting systems for US military aircraft maintenance. The systems installed by Aerobotix even painted the US Air Force aircraft filmed for the original Top Gun Maverick movie.

News this week

  • Shopify suffers a huge loss on 6 River Systems sale
    • Ocado said it paid just $12.7 million to acquire 6 River Systems. For comparison, Shopify paid $450 million to acquire 6 River Systems in September 2019. Ocado paid roughly 2.8% of what Shopify paid for 6 River.
    • 6 River will become part of Ocado’s Intelligent Automation (OIA) division. Ocado said OIA was established to bring Ocado’s automation technologies to clients outside of grocery.
    • Ocado recently won a lawsuit against fellow ASRS developer AutoStore, in which AutoStore must pay Ocado a $256 million settlement over the next two years.
  • June 2023 Robotics Investments Total $2.1 Billion
  • Waymo pumps the brakes on self-driving truck
    • Waymo has announced that the company is focusing its efforts and investments on its autonomous ride-hailing service and pushing back the timeline of its commercial and operational trucking efforts.
  • Ontario Power Generation tests Boston Dynamics Spot to save lives
    • Spot gets custom tools to help with manipulation via remote teleoperation of dangerous tasks like tripping high voltage breakers.
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