Attabotics introduces Attabot 2022 robot

Attabotic V5 robot hero image
Attabotics’ scalable micro-fulfillment solution verticalizes warehouse lanes. | Credit: Attabotics

Calgary-based Attabotics revealed the Attabot 2022, the first commercialized version of its proprietary robot. The Attabot 2022 is smarter and stronger than its predecessor. Its simpler mechatronic design minimizes operational expenses and increases automated picking and packaging efficiency.

The Attabot 2022 begins commercial operations in August 2022 and can handle bins up to 40 cm (16″) tall and at a mass of 37 kg (100lb); a 25% increase from Attabotics‘ current robot release. Its ultra-lean, modular design has 60% fewer parts than the previous beta model, increasing flexibility and compatibility.

High torque motors increase acceleration, telemetrics optimize routes, navigation sensors improve, and the robot can operate in several temperature zones with an unlimited number of robot, structure, and workstation configurations. The Attabot 2022 safeguards e-grocery goods from outside pollutants.

FREF bannerAttabotics’ scalable micro-fulfillment solution converts warehouse lanes into vertical storage. Inside the structure, robotic shuttles store and distribute supplies to workers who pick, pack, and dispatch orders. This decreases a company’s storage capacity by 85% and faster shipping to match consumer expectations.

Attabotics’ unique architecture increases warehouse flexibility, speed, and space, enabling growth without expansion.

Attabotics is continuously refining and evolving its hardware and software technologies to meet growing market needs across industries. With its enhanced software and hardware, the Attabot 2022 is a platform that drives value over time by evolving alongside advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

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