Badger Technologies robots working 6 Vallarta Supermarkets

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Badger Technologies’ robots have been deployed to detect spills and search for out of stock items. | Source: Badger Technologies

Vallarta Supermarkets has deployed Badger Technologies’ robots at six supermarkets in California. The robots use Badger’s Retail InSpect, the company’s hazard detecting technology, at five of Vallarta’s stores, and Badger’s Retail InSight at one store.

Badger’s robot is fully autonomous and moves around the store using on board cameras to scan for hazards or out of stock items, depending on what you have the robot configured for.

With Retail InSpect, the robot sends hazard notifications to the store’s public-address system and mobile pulse alerts when it detects spills of liquids, powders or bulk item foods. Retail InSpect is at work in Vallarta stores in Fresno, Kern, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties in California.

“Providing our customers with a clean, safe environment is critical to our customers’ experience,” Steve Netherton, CIO and VP of continuous improvement at Vallarta Supermarkets, said. “When we look at where to invest in innovative technologies, improving store operations is always a high priority. The Badger Technologies robots are helping us set new standards in store safety and cleanliness while ensuring a superlative shopping experience.”

Badger’s Retail InSight detects holes on shelves and automatically generates replenishment lists. The robot also generates dashboard data that can give retailers an extra insight into customer buying trends and the performance of advertising promotions.

“The opportunities to offload tedious but important floor inspections while gathering real-time data on product inventory makes a huge difference for retailers, especially as they grapple with continued labor shortages,” William “BJ” Santiago, CEO of Badger Technologies, said. “Our multipurpose autonomous robots offer much-needed relief by amplifying and extending staff operations while producing the data needed to improve customer satisfaction, storewide operations and retail revenues.”

Vallarta Supermarkets operates 53 full-service stores throughout California, and is one of the largest Latino supermarket chains in the state.

Badger Technologies has deployed nearly 600 robots throughout the United States and Australia, according to the company. It operates as a product division of Jabil.

In October 2021, the company announced that it launched a pilot program with Busy Beaver Building Centers, an operator of 24 full-line home improvement centers in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Badger’s robots are monitoring on-shelf product availability at the stores.

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