Badger Technologies upgrades Marty robot at 300+ Stop & Shops

Marty at Stop & Shop.
Marty the robot is being upgraded at over 300 Stop & Shop locations. | Source: Badger Technologies

Badger Technologies is working with Stop & Shop to expand the use of Marty robots at more than 300 stores throughout the Northeast. Marty can now monitor data in real time to improve on-shelf product availability and price accuracy at the stores.

Marty will be conducting product checks to help ensure greater on-shelf availability for customers by alerting store associates when items need restocking. Along with flagging out-of-stock items, the robot will be detecting misplaced items while still doing its normal duties like spotting potential floor hazards and spills.

The robot’s new real-time inventory tracking capabilities enable Stop & Shop to expedite its restocking and price corrections.

“Marty has delivered tremendous value for us already in terms of creating a safer in-store environment, and we’re excited to announce these new automated shelf-scanning capabilities, which will deliver even more value for customers and associates,” Gordon Reid, president of Stop & Shop, said. “With Marty’s new ability to find and fix on-shelf product availability and to confirm pricing information, associates can spend even more time with shoppers.”

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Marty uses computer vision, AI-driven business intelligence, and cloud-based analytics to improve the in-store experience for shoppers. With its multiple sensors, the robot is able to navigate store aisles without disrupting the shopping experience.

It’s new capabilities that help Marty identify and resolve product and price discrepancies can quickly increase the integrity of order fulfillment, warehouse, inventory, POS, and e-commerce systems while boosting supplier forecasting and planogram compliance. Having precise product locations also assists with e-commerce, online order picking, mobile shopping apps, and curbside delivery.

“Over the years, Stop & Shop has done a great job of communicating the robot’s purpose, and Marty has gained a loyal following among shoppers and community members of all ages,” William Santiago, CEO of Badger Technologies, said. “The addition of inventory, pricing, and trend data with the introduction of this upgraded Marty reinforces Stop & Shop’s continuing dedication to improving storewide efficiencies while creating long-lasting value for customers.”

Badger Technologies’ multipurpose autonomous robots started rolling out at Stop & Shop stores in January 2019. More recently, McCoy’s Building Supply deployed Badger Technologies’ Marty robots to elevate operational efficiencies and bolster customer-service excellence.

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Brianna Wessling

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