Bastian Solutions to integrate Caja Robotics goods-to-person solutions in the USA

Bergen Logistics
Caja Robotics deployed at Bergen Logistics warehouse. | Image credit: Caja Robotics

Systems integrator Bastian Solutions has added Israeli-based Caja Robotics goods-to-person warehouse automation solution to its portfolio. Bastian Solutions has more than 70 years of systems integration experience, and installed systems throughout the Americas.

Caja Robotics has a novel goods-to-person warehouse automation solution that leverages AMR’s to store and retrieve inventory from existing warehouses. The solution is designed to be deployed into areas of the warehouse where high-throughput is important. The Caja Robotics solution restricts human workers from the workspace and thus enables the AMRs to operate at higher speeds and with greater efficiency than solutions that work collaboratively with human pickers.

The company leverages simulation software tools to help potential customers understand the benefits of automating their warehouse fulfillment processes. The simulation tools also enable Caja, and now integration partners like Bastian Solutions, to optimize the system after deployment, and for peak season requirements.

“We are excited to collaborate with Caja Robotics and add their flexible and modular robots to our solutions roster,” said Matt Kuper, Vice President of Global Sales and Applications at Bastian Solutions. “Caja’s technology is very impressive as it adapts, scales and responds to the needs and demands of our customers, whether on large or small sites. Our business collaboration comes perfectly in time as customers consider and gear up with flexible automation for peak demands in 2022. We look forward to working with Caja and introducing their technology.”

Bastian Solutions is a trusted supply chain integrator committed to providing clients a competitive advantage. Their portfolio of solutions includes advanced automation such as mobile robots, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), automated guided vehicles (AGV), autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and goods-to-person technology, each considered on their own merits to provide tremendous productivity gains and a quick return on investment. They also provide custom robotic and conveyor manufacturing as well as high-quality material handling software. With offices across the United States, Bastian Solutions plans to evaluate opportunities to deploy Caja as the right automated order fulfillment.

Ilan Cohen, CEO at Caja Robotics said, “Bastian Solutions is a leading supply chain integrator, so this is a significant step for the future of Caja in the USA. Together, we will expand our US foothold, expand sales efforts, and provide Caja solutions to a variety of customers to solve the ever-increasing challenge of fulfilling orders, especially during peak demand. We’re excited for the collaboration and opportunities to come.”
Born in response to the daily challenges experienced in the world of order fulfillment, Caja developed a smart warehouse technology that easily adapts to existing infrastructure and is flexible enough to handle peaks in sales. Caja Solution combines two robots: a Lift robot and a Cart robot, that work synergistically to optimize order picking operations. With Caja’s advanced AI-powered software, the robots move bins between workstations and the inventory, constantly optimizing inventory management.

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