Bergler automates picking operations with Geek+ AMRs

Geek+ AMRs at work in Bergler Industrieservices’ Erlensee fulfillment facility. | Source: Geek+


Bergler Industrieservices is a German-based third-party logistics provider with over 300 customers and four locations. The company opened its 11,000 m² (118K ft²) Erlensee facility in 2019, and since then the around 40 employees in the facility have been hard at work assembling, packing and shipping a large number of orders for customers of various e-commerce operators.

Employees spend a large amount of time and energy walking across the facility to retrieve items from racks, and then walking to a packing and shipping station to send it off.


Bergler implemented Geek+’s P-800 picking autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and warehouse management system. P-800 AMRs slide under racks and bring them to an operator at a workstation, then return the racks to an optimized position.

Geek+’s AMRs navigate using inertial sensors and QR codes located around the facility. The robots can charge in 10 minutes, and work for 2-3 hours on a single charge.

“We have greatly enjoyed working with Bergler to make this project a reality,” Saverio Carella, sales director DACH at Geek+, said. “Together, we have achieved a modern logistics center that represents the best of what AMR technology and expertise have to offer. Bergler, their employees, and their customers all stand to benefit from this modernization.”


Geek+’s goods-to-person picking solutions can improve picking efficiency by 2-3 times. For Bergler’s, Geek+’s AMRs have sped up picking operations, and allowed the company’s employees to spend more time on complex tasks, and less time walking around the facility.

Automating picking operations has allowed Bergler’s to offer more services to its customers, like component assembly, quality control, packaging and more.

“The Geek+ robotics solution is something we have been looking forward to for some time now, and we’re thrilled with the results,” Bergler CEO Raimund Bergler said. “The picking robots allow us to embark on a new phase in our development and ensure that we continue to guarantee our customers an extremely high level of service.”

Using Geek+’s AMRs has also increased Bergler’s storage density, as the AMRs have a low profile and modest space requirements.

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Brianna Wessling

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