Bossa Nova Deploys to 1000 Walmart Stores

January 13, 2020

Bossa Nova announces that they are set to expand their fleet of robots to 1000 Walmart stores before the end of 2020. Bossa Nova has been running their shelf-scanning robots in Walmart stores for more than a year. However, Bossa Nova is leveraging the help of point-of-sale provider NCR Corporation, ​to help them deploy and manage the expanded fleet of robots.

​Bossa Nova leverages autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to acquire real-time inventory data from store shelves by processing photographs of the store shelves. The Bossa Nova robot uses an onboard camera array to image the store shelves and collect the data. The images are processed in the cloud and information from the images is used to reconcile in store inventory with the store’s inventory management system.

Bossa Nova Robot with Cameras

Bossa Nova has already deployed this solution into 350 Walmart stores. What’s new is the announcement of a stronger partnership with NCR, ​who will ​help complete the expansion into more Walmart stores, across a broader geography.

​Bossa Nova also recently announced the launch of their new, smaller platform, Bossa Nova 2020. This new vehicle has a smaller footprint, enabling it to more easily navigate crowded aisleways. T​he Bossa Nova 2020 also has improved optics and additional downward looking cameras, which will enable it to inventory fresh produce.

​You can read our review of the new Bossa Nova 2020 here.

Bossa Nova 2020 Mobile Robot

Bossa Nova will leverage NCRs deep roots in the retail sector and footprint in 180 countries to scale quickly and have the potential to deploy internationally. Now, Bossa Nova will be able to get AI and automation technology in the hands of customers even faster, as seen with this expansion into 650 more Walmart locations. 

With the expansion, Walmart will continue to optimize on-shelf availability, producing a better customer experience in the 350 stores the robots are currently deployed in, and allow Bossa Nova to deploy to the next 650 stores.

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