Brain Corp raises $114 million dollars

Mobile Robot Operating System Vendor raises an additional $114M

July 19, 2018

Brain Corp announced today that they have raised an additional $114M in Series C funding. The San Diego based company is growing rapidly with the recent announcement of investment into Savioke robotics.

Brain Corp develops the BrainOS software as an operating system for autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Their vision is to become the defacto commercial operating system for AMRs, and they have already delivered a product of industrial, autonomous floor cleaning robots which leverage the BrainOS software. The market for autonomous mobile robot operating systems is not well established yet with competition from the Robot Operating System (ROS) as well as multiple proprietary operating systems from various vendors. The battle against ROS is just heating up, as ROS is an open source platform and it’s been adopted by numerous mobile robot vendors, including Savioke and Fetch Robotics. The relationship with Savioke implies that at least one ROS-based vendor has made the decision to switch to BrainOS in future solutions.

Brain Corp has strategic investment from Qualcomm and they also benefit from their proximity to UC San Diego. The vision is to get the BrainOS software to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, which will open up the market for mobile robot machine builders and help to evolve the platform.

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