Burro releases new software features in update v4

Burro Robotics is an early pioneer in the development of smaller form factor, outdoor autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The company name is derived from the concept of a mechanical beast of burden to help move smaller loads around a farm.

The robots were initially designed to follow a person around the farm and carry tools, herbicides, bags of fertilizer and trays/crates of harvested crops like grapes or tree fruit. The Burro is small and nimble, and designed to operate in narrow crop rows.

The most recent release of Burro software, version 4.0, gives users the ability to name, save, and share routes across an entire Burro fleet. Additionally, it enhances two-way towing as well as reliability when Burro moves from GPS-limited outdoor environments to GPS-limited indoor environments.

The video above goes into more detail about this latest Burro Software update.

Here’s a list of the key features in version 4:

  1. Enhanced and robust person following
  2. Enhanced row following
  3. New tow mode
  4. Two-way Towing
  5. Route management
  6. Indoor/outdoor transition capabilities (GPS filter)

Burro CEO Charlie Andersen is presenting a session titled “Lessons Learned Deploying Mobile Robots on Farms” at the upcoming Field Robotics Engineering Forum, colocated with the RoboBusiness event, on October 18-19, in Santa Clara, CA. Charlie will talk about how mobile robots are increasingly being used in the agricultural industry. The primary objective of Burro mobile robots is to assist in the transportation of goods, alleviating the workload of farm laborers and enhancing the overall efficiency of farm operations.

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