Caja Robotics Closes $12M Series B Funding

Caja Robotics announces a $12 million Series B funding round led by New Era Capital and existing investors Philip Spruch, Gigi Levy Weis, IAngels, CRA fund, and Caja Robotics CEO Dr. Ilan Cohen and EVP & CRO Hanna Yanovsky. Caja Robotics will utilize this funding to expand the company’s global activities and deployments, enhance its manufacturing, and expedite installations with customers. This brings their total funding to $26​ million.

The company is currently expanding its operations in North America and continuing to build out the roadmap of product functionality. The company has made a huge investment in simulation to help scope new deployments as well as enable the Caja support team to troubleshoot and improve day to day operations. Simulation is one of a Caja’s key differentiators.

The system uses two different types of robots to automate goods to person workflows in the warehouse. The picking robot is designed to acquire boxes or bins of products from the shelf and hand them off to a transfer robot that drives bins to a packout station. The Caja solution can be deployed into an existing warehouse with minimal facility changes.

The Caja system uses artificial intelligence to optimize the material movement, including navigation, fleet management, and inventory optimization. The solution requires that the autonomous area of the warehouse be reserved exclusively for robotic automation controlled by Caja Robotics. This enables the solution to optimize the operational workflow.

Caja CEO Ilan Cohen said: “with this new funding Caja Robotics will continue its substantial global growth and expansion. We have seen a large surge in demand for warehouse automation and our advanced software, and this capital will help us scale accordingly.”

“We are excited to back Caja and its team led by Dr. Ilan Cohen and Hanna Yanovsky. The Caja system provides a highly flexible, efficient and scalable warehouse automation solution at a time when labor shortages and the global pandemic have created a significant set of fulfillment challenges for business owners”, commented Gideon Argov, General Partner of New Era Capital.

The investment coincides with several significant partnerships with both AHS (Advanced Handling Systems), a full-service provider of integrated fulfillment, distribution, and robotic solutions based in Cincinnati and Sela Logistics, a leading supplier of general logistics solutions based in Israel.

Caja robots and systems are deployed in the United States at the logistics center of Bergen Logistics in New Jersey, which manages products designated for online operations from dozens of leading brands and providing daily solutions for thousands of orders from the New York metropolitan area.

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