Caja Robotics partners with AHS as a Certified Systems Integrator

Israel based Caja Robotics announces that they have signed a channel partner agreement with Cincinnati based Advanced Handling Systems (AHS). With the new agreement, AHS will sell, integrate and support Caja solutions in North America.

Caja Robotics is an autonomous storage and retrieval solution for warehouse workflows that brings product from inventory locations to a pack-out station and then puts away the stock until it’s needed again. Caja Robotics employs two different types of robots: one robot for pulling items from shelves and the other robot as a shuttle to move product totes/boxes long distances between aisles and pack-out stations.

Caja robots with the AHS logo

Caja Robotics has a unique two robot solutions for goods to person warehouse applications. (Image courtesy of Caja Robotics)

Caja Robotics is unique in that the solution can be deployed into existing warehouses without infrastructure changes. However, the system requires that humans be restricted from entering the automated portion of the warehouse during operation. This restriction enables the robots to move faster than if humans were present. 

AHS has been around for 40 years and they have an extensive line card of solutions. The addition of Caja Robotics to their line card adds a powerful warehouse automation solution to their already existing lineup of AMR solution providers (none of which compete directly with the Caja Robotics solution). AHS is now able to take on projects that cover automated material handling, intra-logistics and warehouse operations for all of the use cases that a customer might have.

“AHS is thrilled to partner with Caja Robotics as their premier integrator partner in North America. We feel that the technology provides an innovative, best-in-class, goods-to-person solution that can be easily retrofitted into existing and new environments, and done so at a much more rapid pace than traditional solutions,” says Drew Eubank, Director of Customer Solutions at AHS.

“We are excited to partner with AHS to support our expansion in North America. Given AHS’ strong presence in the United States, paired with their deep expertise in warehouse automation and robotics, I am confident that we are well-positioned to address the needs of US customers with our flexible robotics solution,” says Dr. Ilan Cohen, CEO of Caja Robotics.

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