Cascade Orthopedic Supply optimizes e-commerce distribution center with inVia Robotics automation

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Cascade has selected inVia Robotics to upgrade its U.S. West Coast distribution center. inVia’s technology will be deployed to automate picking, replenishment, cycle counting and management of returns through autonomous mobile robots.

inVia’s modular automation system, which includes a fleet of inVia Picker robots and its AI-driven inVia Logic software, will bring machine precision to Cascade’s order fulfillment process. The software includes the inVia PickMate tool that guides Cascade’s people more efficiently through the distribution center and frees them up from the repetitive tasks the robots perform. The entire system will increase productivity and accuracy rates and ensure that delivery of both essential and non-essential supplies to customers occurs without disruption. This commitment has become even more critical, given the unforeseen supply chain disruptions experienced across the economy in the past year.

inVia’s Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering also allows Cascade to avoid large capital expenditures. The monthly subscription fee for robotic services allows Cascade to optimize  cash flow, as well as to quickly scale system capacity to adapt to spikes in order volume as more sales shift to online ordering.

Cascade has built a 40-year reputation on a commitment to excellence, investments in technology, and operational efficiency. Selection of inVia as their automation partner ensures their ability to continue achieving the highest levels in all three areas.

“The products we provide are critical for our customers in providing excellent patient care, and they depend on us to get them the highest quality merchandise when and where they need it,” said Jeff Collins. president of Cascade.  “Cascade has made a commitment to our customers to adapt our operations so that uncertainties like  COVID-19 do not affect our ability to meet their needs. inVia Robotics can quickly deploy the solution we need today and ensure that it grows with us to meet the uncertain demands of tomorrow.”

inVia’s integrated system includes inVia Logic warehouse optimization software and a fleet of inVia Picker robots. inVia Logic employs advanced AI algorithms to adapt to fluctuations in demand in real-time and adjust warehouse mapping to create more efficient paths and processes. The inVia Picker robots augment Cascade’s current staff and automate the storage and retrieval process to skillfully pick and move products swiftly and accurately through the order fulfillment process.

“Cascade’s commitment to seamless order fulfillment for its customers is a perfect fit for inVia’s RaaS automation,” said Lior Elazary, co-founder & chief executive officer of inVia Robotics. “We are true partners with them in the daily operations of their distribution center. We consider their customers as our own and their team as our colleagues, and we configured the system to deliver on their specific business goals.”

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