CNHI unveils T4 electric tractor prototype

    The New Holland T4 Electric is an all-electric compact format tractor equipped with a full autonomy package. | Credit: CNHI

At the CNH Industrial media day, I had the opportunity to see and touch the first prototype of the New Holland T4 Power Utility Tractor. This all-electric compact-size tractor supports CNHI’s mission to produce a line of sustainable and alternative fuel tractors.

The tractor was developed in conjunction with the team at Monarch Tractor and features the “eyes”, the brain and the battery technology from Monarch.

The tractor has a 75hp continuous-duty motor with a peak power of 120hp. It is four-wheel drive and capable of speeds up to 40 kph (25 mph). The battery supports up to 8 hours of runtime and can be recharged to 80% in less than an hour with a DC fast charging station.

The tractor will go into commercial production at the end of 2023.

The cab roof of the T4 Electric houses all of the “brains” for the autonomy on the tractor. | Credit: CNHI

“The T4 Electric Power is the ideal solution for lower horsepower operations. It is suited to mixed farm, livestock, municipality, orchard and specialty applications. We know our customers are eager to adopt this type of product, so it makes perfect sense for us to continue our Ag electrification journey with this platform,” explains Marc Kermisch, Chief Digital & Information Officer, CNH Industrial.

The T4 Electric leverages vision cameras to avoid obstacles, navigate and collect crop data. | Credit: CNHI

The New Holland T4 Electric includes the same cameras and sensor set as the Monarch Tractor, thanks to an OEM relationship between the two companies. Processing all of the sensor data are six NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX SOMs (system on modules). The T4 Electric will include similar autonomy features as the Monarch Tractor, which will include remote operation, data collection, auto guidance, and follow-me modes. The T4 Electric will have a CNHI-branded user interface.

Fleet Management lets the farm manager assign tasks to each piece of equipment. Implement recognition ensures the tractor seamlessly links up with the required attachment. And offboard digital services let farmers run the tractor from anywhere, at any time, while monitoring its performance and battery level.

It is expected that the T4 will reduce operating costs by up to 90% by eliminating diesel fuel costs and associated maintenance. The tractor will also provide a source of electricity for field operations that require it, without the need to run a generator, and provide a source of backup power for the farm.

Power Specifications

  • E-Motor peak: Up to 120hp
  • Max Torque: Up to 440Nm
  • 4-wheel drive: Yes
  • Max Speed: 40 kph 925 mph)
  • Implement interface: Standard PTO and 3-point hitch with smart implement interface.

The T4 Electric Power joins the New Holland T7 Methane Power LNG and T6 Methane Power tractors for an alternative source portfolio that further demonstrates CNH Industrial’s commitment to sustainably advancing agriculture for the world’s farmers.

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