Cobalt Robotics deepens partnership with Safetrust

cobalt robotics
Cobalt Robotics makes security robots for monitoring office buildings. | Source: Cobalt Robotics

Cobalt Robotics announced that it’s expanding its partnership with Safetrust. The company plans to integrate Safetrust’s Sensor Ecosystem with Cobalt’s robotics, allowing Cobalt’s robots to seamlessly connect with the Safetrust ecosystem.

Cobalt creates security robots for monitoring corporate office spaces. Its Remote Guarding Service Solution has the ability to identify and flag anomalies like people, sounds, motions, doors, windows and missing assets. If there’s an incident that requires it, Cobalt’s security specialists will provide human assistance.

“We are proud to support Cobalt in its critical mission to create advanced robotics, particularly for keeping spaces safe and secure, aligning with our vision of connected, seamless access,” Deon Chatterton, vice president of product Management for Safetrust, said. “It becomes more than just a robot opening a door. A robot can integrate with a larger identity ecosystem, providing on-demand identification, like employee onboarding, visitor credentialing, mustering, detecting unauthorized people and resources in active shooter scenarios, and more.”

With the expanded partnership, Cobalt’s customers can better track where its robots are and how they interact with people based on their credentials. It also allows customers to instantly deploy robots in emergencies.

Safetrust modernizes workplaces by equipping them with virtual credentials stores in phones or wearables. These stored credentials allows employees to move through secured doors, elevators and turnstiles, eliminating the need for access readers.

“Safetrust is a pioneer in identity, utilizing technology to offer employees safe, frictionless movement throughout their spaces,” Mike LeBlanc, president of Cobalt Robotics, said. “Our robots provide the same comfortable and effective solution for companies around the world. We’re proud to continue building the future of security with Safetrust.”

Cobalt Robotics is based in San Mateo, California, and was founded in 2016. Its last funding round closed in 2019 and totalled $35 million, bringing the company’s total funding to $50 million.

Its robots are equipped with over 60 sensors including day-night cameras, 360º cameras, thermal cameras, depth cameras, LiDAR and badge reading capabilities. Cobalt’s robots use machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection to perform inspections.

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