CoEvolution’s latest rollout takes multi-fleet robot deployments to over 50

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Smart flexible factory and warehouse logistics solutions provider CoEvolution Technology is celebrating global success with over 50 deployments of its groundbreaking multi-vendor robot fleet orchestration technology.

Founded in 2019, CoEvolution has grown into one of the most successful companies in the field of multi-vendor robot fleet orchestration software, continuously upgrading and optimizing its solutions based on real-world experience and valuable customer feedback. It recently celebrated a significant milestone in its development, with the rollout of its latest tailored solution at a warehouse serving South Korean retail giant Lotte, increasing throughput by 30% more SKUs per day.

With its technology now assisting more than 50 companies around the world, CoEvolution has developed a wealth of practical experience that works alongside its innovative technological expertise to apply its multi-vendor fleet interoperability software effectively to customers’ operations. Utilizing the advantages of different logistics robots and providing cost-effective, flexible logistics solutions tailored to their processes through software and systems can help customers optimize their operations and expand their businesses.

The ongoing evolution of CoEvolution

CoEvolution’s multi-fleet solutions are based on AI-driven core software that can control different types of robots, coordinating them seamlessly to deliver multi-fleet solutions. Its impressive list of international customers includes companies in an array of sectors, including retail, electronics, e-commerce and manufacturing, with CoEvolution working collaboratively with each to create the ideal solution to meet their specific needs. The latest move by CoEvolution is its launch into the US market, becoming a US incorporated business and establishing a new office in Seattle.

CoEvolution was co-founded by Dr. Lijun Zhu, who has a Ph.D. in Physics and extensive logistics experience, both in the US at Amazon and Alibaba in China. At Alibaba, he worked at the logistics arm, on projects involving the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into logistics. He left in 2019 and assembled an expert team of co-founders who brought a range of tech, business development, AI, automation and logistics skills to the company he started. CoEvolution has flourished ever since, developing a market-leading suite of multi-orchestration solutions and offering customers such as Siemens, Lenovo, Lotte, SF Express, DHL, Yunda, MyMRO, Ruhlamat, and Wurth, the opportunity to control multi-vendor fleets of robots.

CoEvolution’s software harnesses video game technology so that the movements of multiple agents can be plotted in order to control real-world fleets of heterogeneous robots. Dr. Zhu saw the potential offered by AI-based technology to create value, having spent many years learning the ‘pain points’ in the logistics industry. He explains, “We are pioneers. It’s something that you would only do once you’ve played with robots and played with the traditional supply chain business for quite a long time.”

CoEvolution has experienced a meteoric rise and now has more than 100 employees, over 50 deployments around the world, offices in both China and the US, and ambitious plans to expand its reach into Europe, where it is now seeking integrators and partners.

Looking to the future for CoEvolution

CoEvolution recently made its US debut at PROMAT 2023 and had a very successful show, launching its innovative AI-based flexible logistics technology onto the North American stage and bringing with it mainstream robot vendor partnerships such as Hai Robotics. Currently seeking new regional partners in the US, the company has ambitious plans for North America and for other international markets. It has recently incorporated in the US and is establishing its first US office in Seattle, headed up by CoEvolution Director Long Wong. CoEvolution is now hiring a workforce in the country and has appointed a new local project manager to help facilitate its expansion. This follows CoEvolution being selected by leading US tech business publication The Information as one of its 50 Most Promising Start-Ups 2022.

Recent data from market intelligence specialist Interact Analysis predicts a CAGR of 138% between 2021 and 2027 for multi-fleet orchestration technology. CoEvolution has ambitious plans for the future, with many more deployments in the pipeline and also plans to offer its groundbreaking AI-based interoperability solutions to the European market. As the cost of robotic technology continues to fall and companies discover the range of benefits and efficiency savings provided by automation, many are now starting to create multi-robot fleets from different vendors and integrate them with their existing operations, creating demand for increasingly complex logistics automation solutions.

CoEvolution Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Lijun Zhu, says, “Logistics is a very traditional field, you move real things around with very interesting and advanced mathematical models and software. I could see the value in that; you’re making an impact on the world, on real things. And my experience in the internet industry showed me that by applying advanced techniques you can create a lot of value. By reducing human labor, you’re increasing efficiency, you can see that. That makes me very excited. I did physics so I like to play with real things.”

CoEvolution Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Michael Wang, explains, “Achieving in excess of 50 deployments is a huge landmark and we are happy to have cemented our place as a leading company in the field of multi-vendor robot fleet interoperability. Our ambitious plans will see us move far beyond this total, as manufacturing and warehousing continue to face logistics and staffing challenges that can be addressed through the use of efficient and flexible fleets of multiple robots from different vendors working together within shared environments.

“The future looks very bright for CoEvolution and for multi-fleet robot orchestration. The increasing availability of relatively low-cost and reliable robots means that the software element will be what distinguishes the best logistics solutions. This is the next step in warehouse and manufacturing, and we will remain at the forefront of the move towards greater automation, providing the means to control multi-vendor fleets of robots to deliver significant efficiency and productivity benefits to companies around the world.”

Long Wong, CoEvolution US Director, adds, “We don’t know of another multi-fleet orchestration solutions provider with as many deployments in place. CoEvolution is growing fast, as more and more companies discover the huge potential to save money and resources offered by well-managed multi-vendor robot fleets. For example, our recent project with Lotte Group saw a 30% jump in the throughput of SKUs at its fulfillment center. I am so excited to share our market-leading AI-powered software with the US.”

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