Comau developing mobile manipulator

Comau mobile manipulator.
Comau’s mobile manipulator uses a Racer-5 cobot and a 1500 autonomous guided vehicle (AGV). | Source: Comau

Comau has been developing a mobile manipulator that is being applied within three different EU projects.

The company’s Mobile Robotic Arm involves a robotic arm mounted on an autonomous mobile platform. The system is integrated with Comau’s Racer-5 collaborative robot (cobot), a six-axis articulated robotic arm that can work at speeds of up to 6 m/s when human operators aren’t present. The Racer-5 is mounted onto a 1500 autonomous guided vehicle (AGV).

The system can be integrated within Comau’s digital infrastructure and can provide visual feedback for pick and place operations, and more, with its integrated vision system. This includes a Comau MI.RA that is installed directly into the robotic arm.

The system’s AGV is equipped with two independent batteries that power the AGV and the robotic arm separately. The AGV can also be managed using different types of navigation modes and a standard Comau controller.

Comau’s first application for the Mobile Robotic Arm is with DIMOFAC, an EU initiative that aims to help companies implement a smart factory architecture. There, the platform is used for pick and place and warehouse automation tasks within a machining scenario.

The PeneloPe Project, another EU project, uses the platform for glue dispensing and non-destructive quality inspection in the public transport domain. The goal of the program is to develop a closed-loop, end-to-end digital manufacturing solution that facilitates bidirectional data flows across the manufacturing value chain.

Finally, Comau’s platform is being used as part of the ODIN project to support the manipulation of mechanical parts for automotive applications with the aim of demonstrating the technical and performance feasibility of collaborative robotics on the factory floor.

Earlier this year, Comau entered into a cooperative agreement with Siemens to offer their jointly engineered product the Sinumerik Run MyRobot / DirectControl. With this product, robot kinematics can be fully integrated into a CNC system, optimizing control of all robotic machining and handling tasks.

Comau is based in Turin, Italy and was founded in 1973. It recently launched a new robotics learning center with Ferrari. The e.DO Learning Center will use Comau’s robots to help students explore STEM subjects, coding and robotics. The facility is equipped with five of Comau’s e.DO 6-axis robots, complete with all necessary materials and accessories.

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