Dexory, Maersk UK&I expand partnership to additional sites

Maersk UK&I and Dexory announced today that the two companies are expanding their partnership after a successful deployment at Maersk UK&I’s Kettering site in England. Maersk will expand its use of Dexory’s technology across all of its warehouse operations in the area over the next few months.

Maersk first deployed Dexory’s robot, DexoryView, and integrated data platform into its Kettering site in January. The platform and robots helped Maersk save dozens of hours per week in tracking and solving inventory issues by providing continuous visibility across the site.

The DexoryView system allows Maersk and its customers to automate data collection and build real-time digital twin technology that enables insights across all levels of warehouse operations. Dexory’s technology allows Maersk to gather full visibility of stock across various UK&I sites, and achieve greater operational efficiency.

DexoryView autonomously navigates warehouses to capture high-definition 3D scans of the space as well as any labels and barcodes on pallets, parcels or products. It can scan warehouses of any shape or size up to 15m high.

“As a customer-centric organization, it is vital for Maersk to stay at the forefront of innovation within the supply chain and be able to offer their customers the opportunity to test the latest and greatest solutions as they are developed,” Fergus Whinham, Maersk’s UK&I Commercial Lead, said. “We’re confident that continuing and expanding our work with Dexory will continue to drive that innovation on behalf of our customers.”

The system will first be deployed in another Maersk facility in Tamwork in early June, and then across the UK and Ireland, in line with Maersk’s expansion plans in the region.

“We’re thrilled to continue supporting Maersk on their journey to being the efficient and sustainable Global Integrator they intend to be,” Oana Jinga, Dexory’s Chief Commercial Officer, said. “The extension of our partnership underlines the growing trust in our technologies and the value we are bringing to their organization.”

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Brianna Wessling

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