FBR prepares to deliver Hadrian X robotic bricklaying solution in the U.S.

FBR has reprioritized the delivery of the Hadrian X construction robotic bricklaying solution to the U.S. due to the high demand for the technology. Following the delivery of the first of three order units, FBR’s second next-generation Hadrian X will be fitted to a U.S.-certified truck chassis and made available through a Wall as a Service (WaaS) entity in Florida.

The concept of the WaaS solution enables individual construction contractors to deploy the robotic bricklaying solution for individual construction projects without having to outlay the capital to purchase the entire system. It also means that the Hadrian X system can be more effectively utilized across back-to-back projects. Delivering the solution via WaaS also enables FBR to get feedback on the functionality of the system and quickly update the system to improve its capabilities.

Once outdoor testing and optimization are complete, FBR’s next-generation Hadrian X will be deployed to the U.S. for demonstration work.

A third-generation Hadrian X is in production, and procurement is underway for four, five, and six. After completion, additional WaaS providers will receive these additional Hadrian X units as part of the Company’s global commercialization strategy to partner in key target markets like the US, Europe, Australia, the GCC, and the UK.

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Mike Oitzman

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