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  • Retail Inventory
  • Planogram verification


The Fellow Retail Inventory Control Software solution is an integrated data collection offering from Fellow Robots that provides in-store automated data collection, retailer enterprise system data feeds and advanced cloud-based analytics using the Microsoft Azure Cloud to control inventory sales and profit for retailers.

The system leverages the Fellow NAVii autonomous mobile robot to roam the aisles of the retail store and gather intelligence about product inventory on the shelves. This information is then processed and used to determine current inventory counts for products on the shelf. 

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In Store Help

The NAVii robot scans the store every day to ensure the data represents the actual inventory levels. While on patrol in the store, NAVii can also interact with consumers to help then find items in the store. With a built in touch screen, NAVii can show a consumer exactly where to find an item, or NAVii can lead the consumer directly to the item location.

Fellow NAVii robot guides a consumer


The retail Industry struggles to manage planogram compliance in its many stores. Using the store map we collect the exact location of all the shelves in the store for all desired sections of the store and create “realogram” views of each section that can be compared to the specified planogram for those sections.

ReStore Inventory Management

While Fellow started as a robotics company, they quickly realized that the real differentiation in retail inventory management is in the data. The robot serves two roles: (1) customer service agent; (2) inventory scanning machine. The Fellow ReStore software solution is the heart of the Fellow Robot’s value prop and differentiation from other inventory scanning solutions. The robot updates the store planogram as it traverses the store throughout the day. This information is analyzed with machine learning models and this data is collated and made available for the retailer.

The system also uses the data to perform price verification. This ensures that the retailer can maximize profitability and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fellow ReStore software interface

The ReStore application is available as a mobile app, enabling in the in-store team to quickly react to inventory outages and replenish inventory quickly.

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