Fetch Robotics Partners with Honeywell In Launch Of PalletTransport1500

Fetch Robotics announces the launch of a new heavy payload autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with the capability to pick up and drop off loaded pallets up to 1136 kg (2504 lbs). Fetch has partnered with Honeywell Intelligrated’s turnkey Pallet Conveyance solution, powered by Momentum Warehouse Execution Software (WES), to manage the entire workflow without human interaction. The system is designed to support workflows for e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and wholesale distribution center operations.

Introducing Fetch PalletTransport1550

The new AMR is essentially the Fetch Freight1500 base platform with an integrated payload lift unit capable of lifting (or placing) a full pallet from a pallet pick-up / delivery station. The new solution is the first of its kind to be fully compliant with the new ANSI/RIA R15.08 standard for autonomous mobile robots. [Editor note: Fetch was one of the key contributors to the ANSI/RIA R15.08 standard, and Fetch CEO Melanee Wise has been outspoken about the importance of this new safety standard for AMRs]

The Fetch PalletTransport1500 anatomy

The Fetch PalletTransport1500 is built around the Freight1500 AMR base (image courtesy of Fetch Robotics)

The solution is designed to autonomously pickup and deliver a full unit load pallet within a warehouse, a distribution/fulfillment center or a manufacturing facility. This solution makes it possible to automate all of your long-haul pallet logistics operations within your facility. Fetch is offering an optional element with the pallet pick-up / delivery station. This station is designed to effectively match the reach of the lift payload on top of the unit. You might consider deploying multiple pallet pick-up / delivery stations in your shipping /​ receiving area. This would be the place for human fork truck operators to queue full pallets for pick up by the Fetch PalletTransport1500 AMR.

It would also be possible to design a pallet conveyor outfeed that matches the height of the lift unit and have the PalletTransport1500 AMR directly interface with the conveyor. Of course a similar conveyor infeed station could be developed for the placement of pallets. There are a number of empty pallet queuing and indexing stations already on the market.

PalletTransport1500 Works With Momentum WES

PalletTransport1500 works out-of-the-box with Momentum WES, which is designed to address e-commerce fulfillment challenges by orchestrating nearly every aspect of automated warehouse execution. The PalletTransport1500 can manage long-haul material transport without any need for human involvement, saving the time ​spent operating forklifts and freeing up workers for more value-added activities. By taking care of long-haul movements in the facility and keeping forklifts contained to inbound and outbound docks, the Pallet Conveyance solution reduces injuries and creates a safer, more efficient warehouse environment overall.

The complete solution can help automate workflows such as:

  • Cross-docking
  • Returns
  • Long-haul warehouse transport

“Even the most well-managed distribution centers are struggling to keep up with the ongoing growth of e-commerce, which is putting tremendous stress on facilities and warehouse associates to move goods in and out of facilities at record speed,” said Fetch Chief Product Officer Stefan Nusser. “By combining Fetch’s new PalletTransport1500 with Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum WES, distribution and fulfillment centers will now be able to orchestrate every aspect of automated warehouse execution for maximum facility efficiency and safety.”

Honeywell Intelligrated is one of the industries largest and most experienced warehouse logistics integrators. They have a complete line of solutions for warehouse conveyance and automation. This partnership with Fetch continues with this solution announcement.

“To compete in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of e-commerce, modern distribution and fulfillment center operations are introducing increasing levels of automation. Too often these automated systems operate independently, performing very discrete tasks and processes,” said Thomas Evans, CTO of Honeywell Robotics. “This collaboration with Fetch to have a turnkey solution with Momentum gives those in the e-commerce industry a competitive advantage that will optimize productivity, increase operational safety, and provide significant return on investment.”

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