FlexQube demonstrates eQart Navigator at Automate 2022

FlexQube Navigator and FlexQart
The eQart Navigator effectively powers and navigates a motorized FlexQart. | Credit: FlexQube

Swedish material handling solutions provider, FlexQube, is in Detroit this week at the Automate 2022 show, demonstrating it full line of both push and automated material handling carts.

The company has innovated the material handling market in a variety of ways. The companies patented material handling cart solution enables the creation of any custom cart from a number of core components, including brackets, wheels and structural material. The erector set like solution has helped manufacturers around the world solve their material handling needs.

In 2019, the company introduce the “eQart”, the companies first motorized and automated autonomous guided carts (AGC). The eQart is an affordable solution for autonomous material distribution and handling. The eQart can be setup to follow tape line tracks throughout a factory or warehouse. Any imaginable material handling structure can be built on top of an eQart.

FlexQube eQart
The eQart is developed to be the most user-friendly and simple AGV on the market. | Credit: eQart

Fast forward to 2021, when FlexQube launched a more intelligent solution for the eQart line. The eQart Navigator is a standalone autonomous mobile robot (AMR) command unit that is designed to freely navigate throughout the factory.

The eQart Navigator locates and mates with a motorized (but dumb and unpowered) eQart. The Navigator lifts its powered wheels off the ground and then uses its onboard battery, controls and intelligence to navigate the attached eQart to its next destination. This enables an eQart Navigator unit to be in continuous motion as it moves carts and material around the factory.

The eQarts are staged so that material can be loaded or unloaded as needed while the eQart Navigator performs missions elsewhere. This optimizes the cost of the complete material handling solution.

If you are at the 2022 Automate show, you’ll be able to see the FlexQube eQart Navigator in action. Here’s a video from the show booth (#3643) this week:

Note that FlexQube was honored with a 2022 RBR50 award for the innovation of the eQart Navigator.

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