FLX Logistics applies digital twins and robotics to warehouse management with DexoryView

DexoryView offers mobile robots and AI to provide real-time warehouse visibility.
DexoryView offers customers such as FLX Logistics mobile robots and AI to provide real-time visibility. Source: Dexory

FLX Logistics has deployed artificial intelligence and mobile robots from Dexory in its new warehouse in Peterborough, U.K. The DexoryView system will help the logistics management company drive efficiencies, said Dexory.

“At FLX Logistics, we are always looking for ways to enhance efficiency and accuracy across our operations,” stated Sam Goodger, general manager of the FLX Logistics site at Peterborough. “Using DexoryView from the outset at our new facility provides us with unparalleled real-time data on stock accuracy that empowers our team to drive the business forward.”

FLX Logistics provides a network of ambient, fresh, or containerized transport. The unit of FreshLinc Group said its network delivers services across the U.K. with more than 600 vehicles daily.

FreshLinc is a leading service provider throughout the U.K. and Europe to retailers, food manufacturers, growers, and importers. It specializes in supply chain management of temperature-controlled fresh, chilled, and horticultural products across consolidated and full load categories.

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FLX Logistics deploys DexoryView in new facility

FLX Logistics’ new 140,000 sq. ft. (13,006 sq. m) facility houses diverse food products, raw materials, and finished goods.

Dexory last year unveiled its DexoryView offering, which includes autonomous mobile robotics (AMRs) and integrated digital twins. 

By integrating DexoryView into its new warehouse, FLX Logistics has been able to generate data to ensure it has stock accuracy from when it opened. Combined with having access to real-time data of the warehouse on an ongoing basis, this allows the business to elevate the efficiency of its warehouse operations to an unprecedented level, claimed Dexory.

Dexory collects data to drive operational insights

“We are thrilled to be working with FLX Logistics in revolutionizing their warehouse operations,” said Oana Jinga, co-founder and chief commercial and product officer of Dexory.

“Having implemented DexoryView from the outset shows that FLX Logistics is a forward-thinking business and sees the benefit in utilizing real-time data and insights to better drive efficiency across its operations,” she said. “We have already seen the company use the data to effectively manage and transform its day-to-day operations, thanks to the insights they are able to glean from DexoryView.”

Dexory captures real-time insights into warehouse operations using AMRs and AI. It said it autonomously collects data to help companies boost operational performance and unlock their full potential.

“Instant access to real-time data helps optimize the present, de-risk the future, and discover the intractable in each location and at every stage of the product journey through the warehouse and onto dispatch,” asserted the company.

Andrei Danescu, Adrian Negoita, and Jinga, three school friends from Romania, founded Dexory as BotsAndUs in 2015. They brought their experience from engineering and technology roles at Formula 1, Google, and IBM to the U.K.

Dexory said it is working to help transform warehouse management practices worldwide. Last year, the company raised $19 million in Series A funding to provide automation and visibility across warehouses. It also expanded its partnership with Maersk UK&I to additional sites.

In March, Dexory partnered with DB Schenker to introduce its systems in the U.S. market.

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