ForwardX launches new 60T AMR for autonomous trolley movement

Forwardx Flex 60t with a trolley attached.
The new Flex 60T AMR from ForwardX includes autonomous trolley towing capabilities. | Credit: ForwardX

The Flex 60-T, a cutting-edge AMR outfitted with a sophisticated docking and towing system, is the latest advancement in automation technology from ForwardX Robotics. The Flex 60-T sets a new standard for handling cage trolleys and transforms the way goods are moved in warehouses and other commercial settings. The new solution will be demonstrated for the first time to CeMAT Australia attendees from July 25–27, 2023.

ForwardX Robotics and Richmond Rolling Solutions, its recently announced exclusive distribution partner for Australia and New Zealand, worked closely to develop Flex 60-T. ForwardX has developed a novel solution that addresses known issues with autonomous docking and towing cage trolleys.

Cage trolleys, also known as roll cages, are an essential component for moving heavy loads of products and equipment in warehousing environments, as well as in manufacturing, distribution centers, retail, hospitals, supermarkets, hospitality workplaces, and catering establishments. These roll cages have traditionally been moved around the warehouse manually. The manual movement of roll cages takes workers away from the warehouse aisles. Human workers are essential for picking and replenishment workflows.

The Flex 60-T was developed with the specific goal of revolutionizing the cart/cage movement process. Its primary focus was on enhancing productivity without compromising the safety of workers and employees.

“At ForwardX Robotics, we firmly believe that safety is of paramount importance in every business, particularly in labor-intensive workplaces,” said ForwardX CEO & Founder, Nicolas Chee. “Our Flex 60-T provides a safer work environment while empowering businesses to enhance overall productivity by eliminating the strenuous physical labor associated with manually operating heavy carts.”

The Flex 60-T can pull up to 300kg and is compatible with both Australian Standard Z-base and A-base roll cages. It has state-of-the-art multi-sensor fusion technology, visual SLAM navigation, and 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance. This makes sure that the solution is safe, fast, and free of problems. The Flex 60-T has a level of versatility and operational flexibility that is unmatched. This lets warehouses and manufacturing facilities improve workflows and cut costs.

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