ForwardX Robotics expands into Europe

ForwardX Robotics AMR
ForwardX autonomous mobile robots are deployed in logistics applications in a number of different industries. | Image credit: ForwardX Robotics

China-based, ForwardX Robotics is a developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The company has deployed over 2,000 robots in over 100 warehouses and manufacturing plants across 5 continents.

Since its establishment in 2016, ForwardX has secured over $100 million (USD) in financing with well-known investors and partners including Qualcomm, SoftBank, Dematic, Mitsubishi, Intel, Linde, C.Net and Taikang Life. It has applied for more than 400 patents with over 190 international patents granted and nearly 50 granted in the U.S.

With end-to-end cluster scheduling and visual advantages, ForwardX continues to help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. So far, ForwardX has provided its services to many Fortune 500 enterprises including JD Logistics, SF DHL, L’Oreal, Gaatu, Walmart, Harley Davidson, and IKEA to name a few.

“We are excited to bring our extensive line of products and applications to Europe and showcase our mature warehousing and manufacturing solutions at LogiMAT. Our proven track record across Asia and the U.S. gives us confidence that our solutions will meet the needs of the European market,” said ForwardX Robotics CEO Nicolas Chee.

Recently, ForwardX was recognized in the 2022 RBR50 Innovation Awards for its work with TCL after deploying the world’s first 5G AMR project, by Frost & Sullivan for its Best Practices Award in 2021, Logistics Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Global Startups in 2021 and 2022, and was selected to support the 2022 Winter Olympics.

ForwardX’s launch at LogiMAT in Europe is a significant milestone for the company, and it looks forward to showcasing its innovative solutions to the European market. With its wide-ranging products and applications, ForwardX is filling a void in the logistics industry and delivering solutions that are high in demand.

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