Geek+ and Systemex Automation sign partnership to expand AMR deployments in North America

geek+ MP1000R mobile robot
The Geek+ MP1000R is a 1000 kg AMR with a built in payload lift. | Credit: Geek+

Geek+ is pleased to announce it has entered into a stategic partnership with Systemex Automation, a leading Canadian systems integrator. Through the partnership, Systemex Automation will offer its customers Geek+’s full portfolio of Picking, Moving, Sorting and Storage/ASRS AMR solutions.

Randy Randolph, Geek+ Americas VP of Channels and Partnerships, said: “We are delighted to ally with Systemex Automation as their first AMR partner in North America. This is another milestone in our expansion in the Americas, continuing our strategy of working with trusted partners to scale our deployments and offer customers the flexible automation solutions they need to achieve their goals.”

Serge Tousignant, President of Systemex Automation, commented: “We are excited to partner with Geek+ to complement our growth strategy in the automated warehouse operations for the Canadian and U.S. markets. We’re convinced that Geek+’s wide range and versatile AMR solutions combined with Systemex Automation’s integration capabilities in the automation industry for manufacturers, distributors and retailers is a win-win formula. It will enable us to offer our customers the best value and most flexible automation solutions on the market.”

The agreement with Systemex Automation comes hot on the heels of a series of innovative new additions to Geek+’s multitude of AMR solutions, including its latest goods-to-person solution, PopPick, which made its North American debut at Modex 2022, as well as Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick, which combines four-way shuttles for reserve pallet storage with Geek+’s P-series picking robots for forward picking.

With Geek+’s full suite of AMR technology at its disposal, Systemex Automation can provide to its wide range of customers in manufacturing, retail, and distribution the latest cutting-edge automation technology that augments not only the logistics processes, but also improves operational efficiency, lowers costs and addresses the current labor shortage challenges.

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