Geek+ goods-to-person systems surpass 5M picks

Geek+ goods-to-person automation includes mobile robots.
Goods-to-person robots move portable shelving containing product SKUs to pick locations. | Credit: Geek+

Warehouse automation provider Geekplus Technologies Co. reached a milestone of picking 5 million totes globally through 170 deployments of its two goods-to-person systems: the Tote-to-Person RoboShuttle and Shelf-to-Person PopPick.

Geek+ said the majority of its deployments are for goods-to-person (G2P) workflows, but it also offers a wide array logistics automation for the warehouse. According to the company, tote-based order fulfillment makes up the majority of its comprehensive G2P offerings.

In addition, Geek+ claimed that it has sold more than 40,000 robots worldwide and offers a modular suite of goods-to-person robots that can be combined according to customer requirements. 

In April, the company deployed its first PopPick in the Nordics at the Toll Group where the company has seen a 70% increase in productivity.

PopPick goods-to-person system wins RBR50 award

Geek+ is a 2024 RBR50 award winner for PopPick. PopPick’s upgraded goods-to-person system offers mobility and versatility, eliminating infrastructure investments, according to Geek+. With the capacity to handle goods of all sizes, the Shelf-to-Person system optimizes order fulfillment for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and retailers, addressing the surge in e-commerce demand. 

“The growth we’ve seen in our tote solutions shows that companies need automation to appropriately handle today’s order-fulfillment realities,” said Lit Fung, head of international business at Geek+. “3PLs and retailers turn to Tote-to-Person to maximize vertical warehouse storage, while PopPick provides them with a fully automated picking solution.” 

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Tote-to-Person uses two robots

The RoboShuttle Tote-to-Person method uses two robots. One robot traverses the aisles and retrieves and stores totes up to 40 ft. high in the aisles, while a smaller floor-based autonomous mobile robot (AMR) swiftly delivers them to picking stations.

Tote-to-Person can make order fulfillment more efficient while increasing storage density for small and medium-sized products, said Geek+.

PopPick, on the other hand, stores totes on moveable racks and delivers the correct rack to a pick station. With increased throughput, the system is suitable for e-commerce, the company said.

In the U.S., PopPick customers include, UPS and Orgill. North America is also home to the largest Geek+ Tote-to-Person deployment, where a 3PL provides solutions for cross-border e-commerce solutions to its distribution facility in the Midwest after first implementing a Geek+ Shelf-to-Person system.   

The most recent tote-based European implementations include an Italian Tote-to-Person solution for a pharmaceutical and cosmetics e-commerce fulfillment warehouse. The retailer sells around 2 million items per day through 3,000 pharmacies and an online platform.

Elsewhere in Europe, Geek+ has deployed a PopPick implementation for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the Nordics and a fast-fashion retailer in Poland. Geek+ has offices in Beijing and San Diego.

illustration of a warehouse with goods-to-person robots to pull totes and floor AMRs to deliver to pick locations.
Geek+’s tote-to-person system for order fulfillment offers double-deep vertical warehouse storage with mobile robots for high picking throughput. | Credit: Geek+

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