Geek+ leads market share ranking for order fulfillment mobile robots worldwide

Geek+ standard Shelf-to-Person robotic system for order fulfillment automation.
Geek+ standard Shelf-to-Person robotic system for order fulfillment automation. | Credit: Geek+

Geek+ has been ranked by research firm Interact Analysis as the global market leader in order fulfillment robots. The British-based firm’s latest industry forecast underlines the continued growth of the warehouse robotics industry and highlights Geek+’s leading position in the categories of both order fulfillment robots and Autonomous Mobile Robots. In the order fulfillment category, Geek+’s market share is more than double compared to the companies ranked second and third.

Yong Zheng, founder and CEO at Geek+ said: “These rankings show that our products, led by our Shelf-to-Person solutions, are uniquely designed to fit retailers’ needs for flexible and fast order fulfillment across the globe. Our teams develop systems designed to solve the challenges of labor scarcity and fast throughput requirements in an uncertain economy. They accompany businesses as they grow, and require minimal initial investment. In today’s uncertain economy, it’s clear that mobile robots offer the best alternative to traditional automation systems.”

Ash Sharma, Managing Director at Interact Analysis said: “Our research shows the rise and rise and rise of mobile robots, led by the demand for flexible, efficient, and scalable systems able to meet new industry challenges such as fast delivery, rising warehouse costs and labor scarcity and retention. Geek+ has achieved remarkable growth in the past few years and continues to innovate with its logistics solutions.”

Geek+ has deployed over 30,000 mobile robots for more than 700 global customers in the retail, apparel, third-party logistics, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. It has the industry’s most extensive order fulfillment product portfolio, including its flagship shelf-to-person solution, a tote-to-person height storage system, a hybrid pallet storage and picking system, and a robotic sortation system. With a full suite of order fulfillment systems, Geek+ is proud to offer award-winning, efficient, reliable and cutting-edge mobile robotic solutions.

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