Geek+ unveils goods-to-person solution PopPick at CeMAT Asia

Geek plus poppick bin interface
Geek+ launches a new automated storage and retrieval solution called PopPick. | Image credit: Geek+

Geek+, has introduced its brand new product portfolio for robot automation at CeMAT Asia. One of the highlights is the PopPick solution, best described as the future of Goods-to-Person, solving issues of efficiency and space by revolutionizing the picking station. Another highlight is the multi-machine combined high-density solution RoboShuttle Next Gen, integrating high-density tote-picking robots with the efficiency and flexibility of floor-based picking robots.

Liu Kai, Co-founder, and VP of smart warehouse products at Geek+, says: “In less than 6 years, we’ve managed to help global brands adjust and grow using intelligent robot solutions. The consistent flow of industry insights and experience allows us to provide solutions that match market conditions. Today, there is a general shortage of labor and space, and this issue will keep growing as global e-commerce continues to drive the demand for more warehouses. Both PopPick and RoboShuttle Next Gen are long-term solutions that help businesses make the most of available space through intelligent organization and flexible handling of different types of storage units, and labor by optimizing the picking process at the workstation.”

multi level storage array
Geek+ offers any size and configuration of AS/RS storage arrays. | Image credit: Geek+

PopPick is compatible with different types of storage units such as totes and cartons. These are stored densely in an inventory area using pallets or mobile racks of 3.7 meters height for 50% more storage density compared with the original Goods-to-Person system. One rack can store up to 60 totes and be customized to store goods of varying sizes in an optimized way allowing 4x more transportation efficiency. Once incoming orders are registered, picking robots transfer pallets or mobile racks to a PopPick station where intelligent robot arms effectively retrieve totes or boxes of ordered goods and give them to the operator in two picking points, enabling 3x throughput capacity. By optimizing the number of robots, and maximizing space utilization and throughput capacity PopPick can reduce costs by 50%.

Geek+ P40 AMR
The Geek+ P40 AMR handles totes using a lifting module. | Image credit: Geek+

RoboShuttle Next Gen is made up of two types of robots. RS8 is an 8-meter-tall box-picking robot that navigates narrow aisles and P40 a tote-carrying robot equipped with a box-lifting module. RoboShuttle allows businesses to make full use of vertical warehouse space and ensure safe storage, retrieval, and organization of boxes carrying small to mid-sized items of many different SKUs. Once a box is retrieved, the robot places it on the lowest shelf of the rack, where a P40 robot swiftly carries it to an operator at a picking station, using its lifting module to adjust the box to a suitable height for the operators, enabling an ergonomic and safe work process. If an SKU is subject to high demand, RoboShuttle will intelligently cache boxes of popular SKUs on the lowest shelf to speed up the picking process. Combining high-density robots with flexible picking robots, businesses can achieve 3x more storage capacity and handle up to 500 boxes/hour/station.

Today, the rise in e-commerce keeps pushing the demand for more warehouse space, the need for fast and flexible handling of inventory, and unavailable labor. With wide-reaching industry understanding, Geek+ has developed a set of solutions using modular robotics hardware and AI, to help businesses manage complex logistics simply and safely.

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