Gillette Pepsi to automate three distribution centers with Addverb

Addverb robots move full pallets throughout warehouses of customers such as Gillette Pepsi.
Addverb robots move full pallets throughout warehouses of customers such as Gillette Pepsi. | Credit: Addverb

Addverb Technologies Ltd. and Gillette Pepsi Companies Inc. last week announced a new partnership to automate three distribution centers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. These distribution centers serve various vertical markets including convenience, grocery, and restaurants.

Gillette Pepsi Cos. (GPC) said its goal is to enhance picking accuracy and efficiency throughout its distribution center in La Crosse, Wis. It plans to integrate Addverb’s sortation and automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS).

In the first phase of the project, Addverb will provide GPC a mix of fixed and flexible automation, including ASRS, goods-to-person stations, and an automated forklift.

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Addverb provides automation to boost productivity

Addverb added that its Enterprise Automation Software will unify and control automated systems to improve location management and pick efficiency. It asserted that the software will make GPC’s labor force more productive and require less manual labor.

“By integrating advanced robotics and AI technologies, along with a robust enterprise warehouse execution software [WES] platform into its warehouse operations, we are delighted to help GPC achieve efficiency gains, flexibility, and future scalability for enhanced customer and warehouse associates experience.” said Sriram Sridhar, who was named CEO of Addverb Americas this month.

Founded in 2016, Addverb said its automation allows clients to realize new levels of efficiency, reliability, and revenue. It has designed hardware and software using artificial intelligence to serve the global e-commerce, warehousing, and manufacturing industries.

The Noida, India-based company has locations across North America, with offices in Irvine, Calif. In March, Addverb announced that it has partnered with DHL North America.

Carton shuttles are designed to efficiently transport goods and organize items for easy retrieval. | Credit: Addverb

Gillette Pepsi expects accelerated throughput

Gillette Pepsi said it expects to realize a 37% to 40% increase in cases per hour within its warehouse and receiving-area operations in La Crosse.

“Addverb is a true business partner,” stated Joe Pfaff, director of business transformation at GPC. “We pose ideas, and their team comes back with realistic goals. If we dream it, they come up with a system that works for us.”

Addverb said it aims to finish initial implementation of its hardware and software by early 2025. The company asserted that its consulting expertise and hardware and software will enable it to forge a robust, lasting partnership with GPC.

The collaboration’s cornerstones — discovery, execution, and support — will not only benefit GPC, but it will also enable Addverb to help other North American food and beverage distributors, said the company.

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