GreyOrange enhances GreyMatter to support heavy payload movement

 GreyOrange today announced that its GreyMatter fulfillment operating system (FOS) now supports unmanned heavy payload movement, directing Ranger Intralogistics (IL) robots to move heavy payload inventory intelligently within warehouse zones, making decisions based on efficiency and logic. 

GreyMatter continuously assesses Distribution Center (DC) performance and deploys intelligent Ranger IL robots to transfer a diverse range of inventory payloads that weigh up to 2,205 pounds—on pallets, racks, cages or trolleys—within a facility. GreyMatter’s mobile-spatial intelligence enables these Ranger robots to operate accident-free, utilizing LiDAR based SLAM to perceive surroundings and select collision-free routes. GreyMatter optimizes route selection for Ranger IL, which can operate continuously to augment the productivity of the human workforce at the DC.

“GreyMatter intuitively adapts workflows in real time, using Ranger robots to move the heaviest payloads efficiently—unmanned—within the warehouse, without risking worker safety or material damage,” said Akash Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, GreyOrange. “The GreyMatter fulfillment operating system generates a safe and rapid return-on-investment through increased productivity as well as saved time, cost and labor.”

Leading South American home improvement retailer, Sodimac, uses GreyMatter-directed Ranger IL robots within its corporate distribution centers to easily, safely and cost effectively accelerate throughput. 

“GreyOrange helped us develop ways of increasing the efficiency and productivity of the whole supply chain,” said Mariano Imberga, Operations Manager, Sodimac. “When you see these robots—these Rangers—moving around and orienting themselves, it’s amazing. GreyMatter software is flexible enough to accomplish not only everything we asked for in terms of productivity, efficiency and intelligence, but it also integrated smoothly with our existing platforms,” Imberga concluded. 

Partnering with clients, the GreyMatter operating system optimizes how inventory is picked, packed and shipped from a facility, dynamically adjusting to protect Service Level Agreements (SLAs), avoid bottlenecks, increase throughput and protect the safety of people and materials. 

“Companies investing in intelligent fulfillment processes and autonomous mobile robots will have a meaningful competitive advantage as the global economy recovers,” Gupta noted. “Leveraging this technology creates a productivity buffer for fulfillment, helping companies weather fluctuations in demand and labor availability while also making it easy to operate in socially-distanced workspaces.” 

Because GreyMatter makes all inventory visible, all stock is shown as active—ready and accessible to fulfill across all channels at all times. Rather than terming ‘storage’ as an acceptable inventory status, GreyMatter anticipates and optimizes stock movement, orchestrating robots to stage and move inventory based on order flow, item popularity, promise-to-deliver dates, profitability analysis, customer value and satisfaction

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