Hai Robotics, Hy-Tek Intralogistics collaborate on ASRS

hai robotics.
An illustration of Hai Robotics and Hy-Tek Intralogistics’ new ASRS. | Source: Hai Robotics

Hy-Tek Intralogistics and Hai Robotics announced their first joint robotics system. The companies created an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) developed for a manufacturing and engineering company in Ohio for a goods-to-person (GTP) buffer system application.

Previously, the company used a carousel to manage much of the raw goods storage, but the system was expensive to maintain and frequently broke down, resulting in a loss of efficiency and operational stability. The new ASRS is driven by autonomous case-handling robots (ACRs) and can deliver a single dual-purpose workstation and conveying system, all of this is unified with Hy-Tek’s IntraOne software.

ACRs are compact, tall tote retrieval robots that can navigate a storage grid and extend upward to manage the storage of goods over 32 feet high. These robots are material agnostic, meaning the system can manage a grid made up of almost any standard racking and container type, size and material.

“Creativity is a key component of the solution that Hy-Tek provided,” said HAI Robotics technical sales manager Kyle Detwiler. “The Hy-Tek team is able to leverage Hai Robotics as a tool to unlock greater efficiency, density, and flexibility for the customers’ operation. The pairing of Hai’s ASRS with the IntraOne Platform creates a modern foundation for a system that meets current demand while laying the groundwork for simple expansion and future growth.”

Hai Robotics and Hy-Tek integrated three unique features that aim to increase storage capacity and flexibility:

  • Three varied heights of racking
  • Two different-sized totes within a single system
  • Double deep tote storage

The varied heights of the system target the variable ceiling heights and other obstacles, like pipes, lights, and sprinklers, present in the facility the system was made for. These obstacles created inconsistent vertical clearance, so the system has three racking heights, 22 feet, 20.5 feet and 17.5 feet.

These varied heights mean the user can take advantage of every inch of vertical storage space, permitting 3,904 storage locations within the facility.

The two different storage totes are the same length and width but have varying depths based on the products that are stored within them. This allows the company to handle as many totes as possible while still being able to handle a variety of product sizes.

Finally, the A42TD ACRs, which are the models that manage this ASRS, have double deep reach, meaning the robot can reach two totes deep into racking. This allows totes to be stored four deep and retrieved on either side of the rack, reducing the number of aisles and condensing the storage footprint.

“Pairing Hai Robotics’ system with our IntraOne software allows for an incredibly flexible solution to be implemented for our client, said Matt Bommer, GM of Cleveland operations for Hy-Tek Intralogistics. “Few robotic solutions allow for multiple tote sizes and heights in the same system. Hai Robotics with their flexibility and market entry point was a natural fit to provide the best outcome not only today, but as the client continues to grow in the future.“

Written by

Brianna Wessling

Brianna Wessling is an Associate Editor, Robotics, WTWH Media. She joined WTWH Media in November 2021, and is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas. She can be reached at bwessling@wtwhmedia.com