Hankook Engineering, Twinny to jointly develop and deploy mobile robots

Twinny's NarGo500.
Hankook will help develop and make robots like Twinny’s NarGo500, a mobile robot for handling pallets. | Source: Twinny

Hankook Engineering Works, which provides high-end machinery and smart systems, and Twinny, a logistics robotics provider, announced that they have entered into a strategic business agreement. The two companies said they will jointly develop autonomous robots.

The partners celebrated the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) agreement last week at Twinny’s headquarters in Daejeon, South Korea. Hankook said it plans to establish a mass-production system to ensure a smooth product supply.

“Through collaboration with Hankook Engineering Works, we will develop and supply logistics transportation robots that combine Twinny’s strengths in autonomous driving technology,” Cheon Hong-seok, CEO of Twinny, said in a release. “Beyond development, through active cooperation in mass production and business, we will significantly increase market awareness and product supply.”

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Hankook, Twinny explore new markets for automation

In addition to their AMR collaboration, Twinny and Hankook said they will cooperate to expand their channels. They include factories, logistics centers, and other facilities domestically and internationally.

The companies’ stated goal is to explore new markets, including government offices, train stations, terminals, and mixed-used facilities.

“Hankook Engineering Works possesses capabilities and networks accumulated over decades as a specialized company in manufacturing facilities for various industries, focusing on automation and unmanned systems,” said Moon Dong-hwan, CEO of the company.

“As a result of this agreement, both companies will spare no effort in finding the sites where robots are needed and making wholehearted efforts towards customerization to expand the autonomous robot business they aim for,” he added.

Hankook’s portfolio of services and technologies includes:

  • Tire manufacturing and services
  • Consulting, process optimization, manufacturing, and commissioning
  • Smart farm and smart factory engineering consulting
  • Factory automation and unmanned system engineering services
  • Process innovation and customizing
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing
  • Robot Operating System (ROS) integration

Autonomous robots to roll out in more locations

Twin brothers Ceon Hong-seok and Cheon Young-seok founded Twinny in 2015. The company has developed products that enable autonomous driving indoors and outdoors for applications such as factory automation and logistics center order picking.

Twinny’s product portfolio includes automated guided vehicles (AGVs), AMRs, and software. Its line of Target robots follow individuals with one-touch operation, and its NarGo system serves order picking. In addition, the company offers a platform for mobile robot management.

The company recently collaborated with the Korean Railroad to develop and deploy mobile robots at Gwangmyeong Station to enhance the convenience for passengers.

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