IAM Robotics names Joel Reed as new CEO

Pittsburgh, PA – August 24, 2018.

According to a recent news release, IAM Robotics announces that it’s founder, Tom Galluzzo, will become the company’s Chief Technology Officer. In his place, the company announces that their current Vice President, Joel Reed, is the new Chief Executive Officer.

Reed, who joined IAM Robotics to build sales and marketing functions, will lead the company into a new phase of growth as IAM Robotics has matured into a viable solution for logistics applications.

Reed bring almost 25 years of leadership experience to the IAM Robotics team. He has long technology career and his accomplishments include helping introduce the first mobile-based online storage solution at i-drive.com; developing and executing the commercialization plan of a 3D LIDAR data processing platform at Allpoint Systems, which was acquired by Autodesk; and establishing the market presence for a new class of autonomous AGVs (automated guided vehicles) at Seegrid, a leader of self-driving vehicles for material handling.

Galluzzo was the visionary for IAM Robotics innovative mobile robotic arm solution. From the early days of building the first prototype in his garage, Galluzzo explains the changes, “It’s been a goal of ours to find someone that could lead the business, so I can focus on what I’m best at, which is the technology. Joel is someone that I admired in the Pittsburgh business community, and he has done an excellent job establishing our market traction and putting us on an accelerated growth path.”

“Joel knows what it takes to introduce advanced robots into industrial settings, and he has the integrity and commitment to be a champion for our customers, partners and employees,” continues Galluzzo. “I’m confident having Joel lead us, and I’m excited as we realize the promise of robots solving critical industry challenges.”

“When I started in the early days of autonomous material handling robots, we didn’t face the labor shortages, e-Commerce expectations, and intense competition that we face today. Having fully flexible operations and innovative distribution capabilities is now a business imperative,” says Reed. “The talented team at IAM took on the extremely difficult task of automating both material selection and transport and fielded a solution that gives our customers and the industry a platform for moving into the future. It’s an exciting time, and I am thankful for this opportunity to work with our team, customers and industry partners.”

About IAM Robotics

IAM Robotics provides fully operational intelligent, autonomous material handling solutions built for e-Commerce order fulfillment and material handling in logistics and manufacturing. IAM Robotics’ solutions provide a full solution to existing labor challenges and allow organizations to get ahead of competition in the race to automate logistics, without sacrificing financial returns. For more information, please visit http://www.iamrobotics.com.

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Mike Oitzman

Mike Oitzman is Senior Editor of WTWH's Robotics Group, cohost of The Robot Report Podcast, and founder of the Mobile Robot Guide. Oitzman is a robotics industry veteran with 25-plus years of experience at various high-tech companies in the roles of marketing, sales and product management. He can be reached at moitzman@wtwhmedia.com.