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Swift is an autonomous, material-picking robot, offering features like no other. With integrated obstacle detection technology, Swift navigates multiple aisles to move safely and accurately. Swift is capable of picking and transporting products at human-level speeds and enables you to scale operations more cost effectively. Swift can work alone or simultaneously as a fleet to transform your pack and ship operations into a competitive weapon.

Equipped with one of the fastest industrial arms on the market, Swift can pick products quickly and accurately from both sides of the aisle, on shelves from floor level up to seven feet high.

The advanced RapidVision Technology enables the robots to see and locate objects in 3D and real time. Using its onboard sensors, the robot recognizes objects based on the information it gathered from the Flash product scanner.

Swift has the capability to use multiple end effectors to grab items up to 15 pounds. The most common end effector is the vacuum gripper, which can pick a broad range of consumer products and SKUs. The end effector can also be changed to retrieve any bin and turn your existing infrastructure into an automated storage and retrieval system.

Bolt is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR), designed to work with and around people for handling and transporting materials within and between zones inside a traditional warehouse environment. Bolt has a flexible interface for multiple payload options that can be used for various applications. Bolt is intended to be modular, so you can deploy additional robots over time and scale as needed

This high-powered, energy-efficient mobile base allows you to easily move the robot around by hand and is safer than traditional AGV platforms because the wheels can spin freely. It also houses the hot-swappable battery, which supports 10 or more hours of continuous picking and only takes 30 seconds to swap out. There is no downtime or opportunity charging. Think of it as a 30-second shift change

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