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InOrbit is a cloud robot management platform that enables robotics companies and their customers to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale. 

InOrbit allows companies operating large or growing robot fleets to scale operations, perform critical monitoring and control tasks remotely, across all industries, from agriculture and hospitality to logistics and retail.


  • Data Collection, Analysis, Aggregation
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Incident Management
  • Remote Interventions
  • Teleoperation
  • End-to-end security
  • Mission Management
  • Predictive analytics
  • Root cause analysis
  • Continuous improvement
  • Robot virtualization


  • Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Executives
  • Operations
  • Engineering


InOrbit is pioneering the field of RobOps, more commonly known as DevOps for Robotics. Their multi-cloud platform provides everything from real time analytics, data collection, robot performance monitoring, incident management, and remote interventions, to mission management, end to end security, predictive analytics, root cause analysis, and robot virtualization.

InOrbit’s technology leverages industry wide data to provide their customers with unique insights. They have access to over 300 Petabytes of data per month and operate across different robot and industry verticals. Their customers and partners include Google, Qualcomm, Sprint, Brain Corp., Bossa Nova Robotics and over a dozen other robot manufacturers that range from early stage to scaling. 


InOrbit covers all the four O’s of RobOps

  • Observability: InOrbit optimizes data flow through their unique Adaptive Diagnostics, which allows them to process massive amounts of data and adjust to changing conditions on the robot, the network and the cloud. Their platform also manages bi-directional connectivity with the cloud and provides a real-time dashboard with advanced, robotics-specific functionality. Beyond mere monitoring, InOrbit enables notifications, workflows, and remote interventions on individual or collections of robots.
  • Optimization: By integrating cloud intelligence with data on the edge and the robot, InOrbit makes it easier for operations and development teams to gain key insights to improve their robot fleet. As their fleet grows, companies must shift from managing robots individually to automating responses based on real-time data and algorithms. For example, multivariate anomaly detection and condition management can achieve better results than manually-set thresholds on several variables, reducing the common problem of alert fatigue.
  • Orchestration: Complex operations often require coordination between different types of robots, systems and people. Whether this coordination is industry- or application-specific, or tackled by domain experts, InOrbit can provide an abstraction layer for common operations across different types of robots, from shared maps and context to mission management and dispatching.
  • Operation: The goal of most robotics deployments is to efficiently carry out repetitive tasks in a cost-effective manner. This often requires a different set of skills from the research & development origins of most robots. InOrbit leverages its operational expertise to offer effective robot fleet operations. By partnering with service providers and bringing onboard remote operators, InOrbit helps companies focus on their unique value proposition.

InOrbit provides solutions for all three tiers of your robotics team – the Executives, the Operations team, and the Engineering team. Executives in your company get an instant view of the business through key performance indicators, with real-time visibility of the status of all your deployments and customized communication channels so you can anticipate issues that could affect your customers. The Operations team can optimize robot fleet utilization and meet SLAs, monitor and resolve problems in real time. The Engineering team can continuously improve robot software with actionable field data for root cause analysis.

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