Interroll light conveyor platform bridges fixed systems with flexible AMRs


Interroll’s innovative LCP integrates with AMRs from MiR, enhancing efficiency and safety in material handling.
The Interroll LCP integrates with MiR mobile robots to improve efficiency and safety in material handling. | Source: MiR

Autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs, can streamline materials handling in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and more, yet many facilities still primarily rely on conveyor systems. To serve as a flexible bridge between fixed conveyors and production lines, Interroll AG designed a light conveyor platform (LCP) to facilitate the handling of lightweight goods with AMRs from Mobile Industrial Robots ApS.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) said its AMRs are versatile platforms that accommodate top modules and other accessories to enhance their functionality. Interroll’s LCP AMR top module is the newest certified application in the MiR Go partner program, a large ecosystem of AMR applications with more than 160 top modules that seamlessly connect to the mobile robots.

As part of its rigorous testing process, Interroll implemented the new LCP AMR top module with a MiR250 robot in its own Center of Excellence in Sant’Antonino, Switzerland. Specializing in the production of techno-polymer injection-molded parts, the facility spans two floors, presenting a unique logistical challenge.

Previously, material handling from production to the logistics area required manual labor because no other system could offer the flexibility required for multi-floor logistics operations. MiR said its AMRs effortlessly navigate this multi-floor environment, autonomously using elevators to move between floors.

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Interroll uses MiR Insights in addition to AMRs

To further optimize processes, Interroll uses MiR Insights, Odense, Denmark-based Mobile Industrial Robot‘s cloud-based software that visualizes key performance indicators, such as distance driven, completed missions, and robot utilization rates. This software provides insights into high-traffic areas, enabling Interroll to enhance robot workflows and throughput.

Since the introduction of MiR Insights in June 2023, the MiR250 operates an average of 22.3 hours per day, covering 65 mi. (106 km) within the factory premises, according to the companies.

They said the combination of the MiR250 with the LCP AMR top module has significantly reduced manual handling and transportation times, allowing Interroll’s skilled workforce to focus on tasks requiring human expertise, creativity, and decision-making. The company anticipates a positive return on investment (ROI) due to increased efficiency and reduced labor costs.

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The MiR250 with Interroll’s light conveyor platform top module moves autonomously between floors using elevators. Image: MiR.
The MiR250 with Interroll’s LCP top module moves autonomously between floors using elevators. | Source: MiR

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