Interview with IAC race winner TUM; the future of Softbank Europe

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In today’s episode, Steve and Mike interview Alex Wischnewski, team lead for Technical University of Munich [TUM], and the winning race team at the 2021 Indy Autonomous Challenge.

Alex discusses how the team came together for the competition and the stress of race day when they had to make changes to the race parameters to balance speed with safe operations.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge turned out to be more difficult than anyone anticipated, and Alex provides a first hand view of pushing autonomous vehicles to the limit.

We also discuss the news of the week, including the acquisition price of ASTI Mobile Robotics, new products released by HAI Robotics, new pictures from MARS Perseverance Rover, the future of Softbank Robotics Europe, Fabric raises $200M series C.

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Team TUM from the Technical University of Munich wins the 2021 Indy Autonomous Challenge

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