Introducing the Intelligent Disinfection Robot by TMiRob

​Shanghai based TMI Robotics Technology company is a producer of medical robotics. They have a product lineup that include multiple AMRs for duty in hospital settings. So it comes as no surprise that the company has released a disinfection robot.The ​Intelligent Disinfection Robot from TMiRob is the only robot on the market to feature three disinfection technologies, including UVC light disinfection, ​ an atomizing sprayer unit and plasma air filtration. The AMR is fully autonomous and can self navigate throughout the facility. The solution is being primarily marketed for hospitals, to help reset surgery rooms, ICU units, ​isolation wards and laboratories.

Image with Intelligent Disinfection Robot and callouts to features

The Intelligent Disinfection Robot by TMiROB (image courtesy of TMiROB)

​The TMI supervisory software is able to calculate disinfection times, enabling the solution to be easily operated by cleaning staff.

TMI Robotics is a mature solutions provider with a complete product line of hospital logistics and delivery solutions. All of their solutions can operate from a single fleet manager interface to enable hospital staff to have a uniform experience in interacting with the vehicles.

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