InVia Robotics to deploy AI-based optimization solution at Cargo Cove

inVia Robotics, one of the pioneers of robots-as-a-service (RaaS) based automation for the warehouse, is now offering warehouse execution software for stand-alone applications in warehouses and logistics centers. inVia developed the inVia PickMate application primarily to orchestrate its picking robots, but the solution also functions well for orchestrating the work of human pickers.

invia traditional paths versus optimized paths

inVia orchestration software can optimize the paths of human workers and robots, to improve productivity and reduce worker effort | Image Credit: inVia Robotics

Today, inVia announced that Cargo Cove has chosen inVia’s AI-driven optimization software to accelerate digital transformation in its Jacksonville, Florida facility. Cargo Cove will take advantage of inVia’s phased approach to automation and first deploy the inVia PickMate application to direct workers along the most efficient route through the warehouse to take products from inventory to pack out. Later this year, they will add inVia Picker autonomous mobile robots, which will augment existing labor and further increase productivity and accuracy rates.

Cargo Cove is a full-service logistics company, providing everything from same-day fulfillment to reverse logistics. The rapid rise in e-commerce, has accelerated Cargo Cove’s initiative to bring advanced technology like inVia into its operation, providing comprehensive analytics and maximized efficiency to its e-commerce customers.

“inVia’s system will double Cargo Cove’s warehouse workers’ productivity with the introduction of inVia PickMate and then quadruple productivity with the addition of inVia Picker robots,” said Lior Elazary, chief executive officer and co-founder of inVia Robotics. “Our phased approach is ideal for 3PLs, letting them adopt new technology at their own pace across their brands and incrementally increase efficiencies over time.”

Improve throughput and worker efficiency

By starting with the deployment of the inVia Logic software, Cargo Cove expects to benefit from improved throughput and worker efficiency. The inVia software algorithms will determine the optimal organization of inventory and dynamically assign human pickers to fulfill customer orders. During this process, the inVia software learns how the warehouse functions so that at some point in the future, inVia Pickers can be quickly and easily added to the warehouse to help improve workflow.

inVia’s robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) model will allow Cargo Cove to pay only for the services they’re using in each phase, keeping investment targeted and delivering faster ROI. Adding additional modules, like inVia Picker robot automation, will be seamless and bypass any need for additional integration with their warehouse management system.

“It’s critical that we continually incorporate the latest warehouse innovation into our operation. It gives us a competitive edge because it gives our customers one,” said Robert McFaul, chief executive officer of Cargo Cove. “We wanted smart technology that could optimize our buildings and our people so we can keep our pledge to simplify and automate for our customers. inVia was an easy choice. They simplify and automate for us.”


The pandemic has put a spotlight on e-commerce fulfillment as companies like Cargo Cove have taken on greater workloads to help meet the demands of consumers who are leveraging online shopping and home delivery over in-person shopping. inVia Robotics is innovating their solutions and in this example, deploying their warehouse orchestration software to help improve the efficiency of human workers when no robotic automation is involved.

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