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The inVia Picker effortlessly picks anything in a tote under forty pounds (40 lbs), whether your bins are filled with packs of gum to a bunch of yoga class weights. Pickers operate as an automated storage and retrieval solution (AS/RS), picking totes, bins, and boxes directly from your existing warehouse shelves. Picker empowers your warehouse team by cutting costs up to 50% and working collaboratively with human operators.  With InVia Robotics, you’ll be teaming up to drastically increase your throughput.

inVia Pickers retrieve items directly from the shelf and deliver to pack stations or directly to shipping. Goods to Box is the most cost-effective and innovative approach to automated order fulfillment. SKU’s that cannot be directly picked are combined with goods to person or person to goods for the ultimate collaborative robot solution. Goods to box can eliminate almost all “touches” of the product from inbound to outbound

The inVia Optimizer schedules routes for human pickers to decrease the overall travel increasing the efficiency compared to traditional picking methods. Mathematicians and data scientists have long been struggling with “Traveling Salesman Problem” (TSP). 

InVia Robotics works with your existing warehouse management system (WMS). Whether your distribution center faces seasonal swings or continuous growth, our platform seamlessly integrates additional robots for optimized throughput. From implementation to modification to expansion, their subscription-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is all about transformation without disrupting your supply chain.

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