Kärcher launches autonomous vacuum cleaner controlled by Brain Corp

isometric view of the Karcher KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous commercial vacuum cleaner
The Karcher KIRA CV 60/1 vacuum cleaner features autonomous control by Brain Corp. | Image credit: Brain Corp

Brain Corp announced the launch of the first professional autonomous vacuum cleaner, KIRA CV 60/1, with Kärcher, a global provider of cleaning technology. Built to help businesses clean smarter than ever before.

Powered by Brain Corp’s proprietary operating system, BrainOS®, KIRA CV 60/1 specializes in safely vacuuming large scale buildings — hotels, schools, airports, offices, convention centers and more — expertly navigating and cleaning via the following features:

    • Lithium-ion battery for increased runtime and faster charging speed
    • Advanced cameras and sensors that constantly scan and adapt to the environment
    • Cloud-connected AI software that continually improves navigational performance
    • Reporting tools that provide managers with key insights into operational performance metrics
    • HEPA-rated vacuum bag for optimal health protection

“Kärcher is thrilled to bring its first autonomous machine to market in partnership with Brain Corp,” said Rex Shull, VP of product management and engineering. “In today’s challenging labor environment, this product will be a key solution to help our customers meet troublesome resource challenges.”

KIRA CV 60/1 supports staffing gaps by delivering consistent cleaning coverage to meet the required scope of work while allowing existing workers to focus on higher value tasks. Workers without any technical background are easily able to manage the machine and gain optimized performance through its intuitive interface and teaching methodologies: Teach & Repeat and Area Fill.

With the demands for increased cleaning and hygiene not slowing down, robotics offer a compelling and sustainable solution for future-proofing operations, maintaining high levels of clean and mitigating staffing issues. BrainOS®-powered cleaning machines have already enabled more than 7 million hours to be given back to employees and operations managers, a number that continues to quickly increase as the need for enhanced productivity grows.

“It has become more important than ever for organizations to create high-functioning and sustainable operations and an increasing number are achieving that through combining the best of automation with human workforces,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO at Brain Corp. “By bringing together best-in-class technologies, this versatile new machine brings a first-of-its-kind autonomous solution for soft floors to a diverse set of new industry sectors.”

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