Keenon Robotics introduces DINERBOT T10

Keenon Robotics’ latest multifunctional serving robot is the DINERBOT T10. | Source: Keenon Robotics

Keenon Robotics, a developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for the service industry, has announced its latest multifunctional serving robot, the DINERBOT T10, in Japan. The DINERBOT T10 offers multi-modal interaction through voice, touch, and vision, and offers versatility in head accessories for customization.

This is the third service robot that Keenon has released this year, the previous two being the DINERBOT T9 Pro and T3. The T10’s open-design large-capacity tray sets it apart from Keenon’s other DINERBOTs. The robot includes plate detection for meal retrieval, enhanced emotional control performance, and an elevated chassis.

The DINERBOT T10 is designed to ensure stable liquid delivery and to effortlessly move through narrow passages, with a minimum clearance of 59 cm (around 23.2 in). The robot also has a 60.5 cm (23.8 in) screen for advertisements. The screen utilizes a cloud-based advertising operating system to support custom image and video playback.

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One of the robot’s standout features is its advanced sensor fusion technology. This technology can adapt to complex lighting conditions and has multi-layer distance detection. The DINERBOT T10 also has an upgraded environmental perception and obstacle avoidance system, which uses four stereo cameras for 270º 3D detection. It also uses two LiDAR sensors for 360º 2D detection to ensure delivery safety.

The robot’s flexible, moveable head allows for unique facial expressions. Keenon also offers customization options that include things like various head accessories to better suit individual preferences.

All Keenon robots are equipped with a self-developed and fully autonomous position and navigation system. This is coupled with highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies, which enable adaptability in complex real-world scenarios. Keenon’s software can support up to 20 robots operating together.

Earlier this year, Keenon partnered with Wyndham Hotel Group. The Group made Keenon Robotics its designated supplier of commercial service robots in the Asia-Pacific region. Keenon also has partnerships with other big hotel chains, like Dongcheng Hotels and Jinjiang Hotels.

Keenon Robotics offers a range of service robots, which include its hotel robot, delivery robot, disinfection robot, and guiding robot.

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