KEENON Robotics is an official sponsor of The Hospitality Show

Keenon is an official sponsor of The Hospitality Show. | Credit: Keenon

KEENON Robotics proudly participated in and sponsored The Hospitality Show 2023, showcasing its hotel robotics technology and solutions. As a leading global robotic service provider, KEENON Robotics delivered an exceptional robot service experience to attendees, highlighting their commitment to advancing the service robot industry.

The Hospitality Show, a premier hospitality industry event in North America, is the brainchild of AHLA (The American Hotel and Lodging Association, the largest hotel association in the U.S.) and Hotel Management Magazine (the premier source of information about the hotel industry for more than 140 years). It is one of the main hospitality industry events in North America, aimed at driving operational efficiency and profitability in hotels.

As an official sponsor, KEENON Robotics showcased seven hotel and restaurant robots, with BUTLERBOT W3, DINERBOT T9 PRO, and GUIDERBOT G2 stationed in the exhibition hall to provide services for information consultation, guidance, and distribution of exhibition materials to attendees. Attendees were impressed by the robots’ capabilities and their significant contribution to streamlining the exhibition front desk.

KEENON BUTLERBOT W3 delivered a personalized and privacy-focused hotel service with front desk reception and 24-hour room delivery capabilities. These robots autonomously navigated elevators, optimizing workflow and enhancing operational efficiency. They also minimized human errors, provided real-time data analysis, and assisted hotel management in decision-making, resulting in improved effectiveness and profitability. By enhancing service efficiency and reducing operating costs, KEENON BUTLERBOT alleviates the workload on staff, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

KEENON Robotics eagerly anticipates collaborating with industry stakeholders to explore the future of the hotel industry and collectively work towards intelligent, efficient, and sustainable hotel services.

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