Keenon Robotics opens US office in Irvine CA

Keenon product family of mobile robots
Keenon has a broad range of autonomous mobile robots designed for service roles. | Credit: Keenon

Keenon Robotics, a Chinese manufacturer of service robots, announced the grand opening of its new US office in Irvine CA.

Until now, Keenon has sold its solutions primarily through US-based distributors. With an office in the US, the company is making a deeper commitment to direct sales and support with the North American region.

A 2021 IDC report listed Keenon as the number market leader in the commercial service robotics sector with the domestic Chinese market.

The company has a broad portfolio of service robot solutions including:

  • Delivery Robot-T1
    • Three shelves, each with a 10 kg (27 lb) payload
  • Delivery Robot-T2
    • 160 liters (5.7 cubic feet) of large capacity
    • 50 kg (134 lb) max payload
    • More powerful motor configuration than Robot-T1
    • 15 hr runtime
  • Delivery Robot-T5
    • Four shelves, each with a 10 kg (27 lb) payload
    • SLAM Positioning Mapping System
  • Delivery Robot-T6
    • Four shelves, each with a 10 kg (27 lb) payload
    • Smaller body than T5, more nimble operations
    • SLAM Positioning Mapping System
  • Disinfection Robot-M2
    • UV light disinfection
    • Disinfection fogger
    • 4 hr runtime
  • Guiding Robot Peanut
    • 8 hr runtime
    • Includes interactive LCD screen to communicate information to guests
  • Hotel Robot-W3
    • 20 kg payload
    • Delivery robot
    • Locking containers
    • Elevator: supporting robots to take the elevator. Pre-investigation of elevator environment and installation of E-box developed by Keenon independently are required.
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