Keenon Robotics partners with Wyndham Hotel Group

Keenon Robotics announced that it has entered into strategic cooperation with Wyndham Hotel Group. The Group made Keenon Robotics its designated supplier of commercial service robots in the Asia-Pacific region. Keenon also has partnerships with other big hotel chains, like Dongcheng Hotels and Jinjiang Hotels.

Keenon’s hotel robot, the Butlerbot W3, can help hotels generate more revenue by providing 24/7 room service, while also helping reduce operating costs. Butlerbot W3 can carry orders from multiple rooms at once, allowing it to quickly deliver orders.

Butlerbot W3 can deliver orders from hotel kitchens and vending machines, as well as delivery orders from outside restaurants. Delivery drivers simply enter their phone number on the robot’s touchscreen followed by the room number the order is going to, and the robot will bring the guests’ food to their room.

The Butlerbot W3 is able to call the elevator and complete deliveries on all floors of hotels. For this functionality, Keenon has partnered with KONE Elevator Group. The companies built an API platform that allows the robots to call elevators automatically and independently. This API platform is already at work at the Galen Science Park in Singapore.

Wyndham Hotel Group has approximately 9,100 hotels across 95 countries and regions on six continents. While the companies didn’t specify how many hotels would be equipped with Keenon’s robots, the company has plenty of room to work with the Wyndham Group.

Keenon Robotics offers a range of service robots, which include its hotel robot, delivery robot, disinfection robot, and guiding robot.

In July 2022, Keenon announced the grand opening of its new US office in Irvine CA. Previously, Keenon robots have been available to US customers through US-based distributors. The US office allows Keenon to work directly with customers in the North American region.

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Brianna Wessling

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