KEENON Robotics showcases services AMR lineup at Automatica 2022.

The Keenon Booth at Automatica 2022
Keenon is demonstrating its lineup of service AMRs at Automatica 2022 this week. | Credit: Keenon

KEENON Robotics is showcasing a wide range of service robots and its key automation solutions at the ongoing Automatica 2022 exhibition in Munich.

The leading event for smart automation and robotics runs from June 21 to June 24, 2022 and KEENON Robotics has its key product lines of service robots, T5, T6, T8, W3 and M2, showcased at Booth 213 in Hall B4.

“It’s the first time for us here at Automatica. As the strategic partner of Softbank Robotics and Hyundai Robotics, KEENON Robotics is one of the leading brands in commercial service robot industry. We have over 30,000 robots in more than 600 cities in the world, and now we are expanding in Europe, where we see huge potential, at full speed,” said Jim Huang, regional president of Europe at KEENON Robotics.

KEENON Robotics offers a wide range of products and automation solutions to meet various business needs. According to Huang, the value of robotics comes from being powerful assistants to humans in both work and life.

“Some might concern themselves with the question if robots will replace human staff in the future, that is not our goal. We developed robots to assist, support and free people from tedious, repetitive, and dangerous tasks, so that they can focus on better, more creative, and meaningful work and living a better life,” said Huang.

Equipped with a fully autonomous positioning and navigation system, as well as highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance technologies, KEENON robots adapt to various complex real-world scenarios and deliver safe, reliable, and efficient robotic solutions. The five major robots on show at the Automatica, the T5, T6, T8, W3 and M2, provides all kinds of services that can be used to assist different businesses.

  • Delivery (T5, T6, T8): These food delivery robots can assist waiters in swiftly serving and retrieving used plates. With the robots, waiters can be more focused on providing better services, which will greatly boost the restaurant’s overall efficiency and service level.
  • Hotel (W3): The hotel service robot can ride the elevator to any floor and deliver room service at any time of day or night, creating the most reliable contactless and privacy-conscious room delivery services.
  • Disinfection (M2): Equipped in this service robot, professional disinfection lights and sprayers are used to efficiently kill both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, allowing for enhanced cleanliness in public spaces.

In addition to participating in leading fairs such as Automatica 2022, KEENON Robotics has ramped up efforts to better serve the European market. The company has recently announced a new strategic partnership with SoftBank Robotics for EMEA. The strategic partnership will expedite the deployment of KEENON Robotics’ solutions and products across many sectors, not limited to hospitality, including education, elderly care and others.

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