KEENON showcases mobile robot lineup in Australia

KEENON Robotics at Foodservice Australia
KEENON Robotics at Foodservice Australia. | Credit: KEENON

At the 2022 Foodservice Australia Sydney show, which took place from October 23 to 25, KEENON Robotics showed off its service and cleaning robots. It also showed off its latest floating tray for the DINERBOT T8.

Foodservice Australia is a trade show for the food industry. It is for cafes, restaurants, caterers, and stores that sell food. At this year’s event, more than 450 exhibitors showed off their newest food, drinks, and tools.

“We are excited to join Foodservice Australia to present our robotic solutions, connect, and build strong relationships with customers from the food and hospitality industry,” said Derren Wong, Head of Sales, Australia, KEENON Robotics. “KEENON offers a wide range of products and automation solutions to meet various business needs, and as the food and hospitality industry is recovering and thriving, we hope our robots can help local businesses in their daily customer-facing operations and improve the efficiency and productivity of their food services.”

The new KEENON DINERBOT T8 offers a floating shelf for easy configuration. | Credit: KEENON Robotics

KEENON’s robots have a self-developed, fully autonomous positioning and navigation system, as well as technologies for highly sensitive perception and obstacle avoidance. They also have an auto-charging function that lets them easily adapt to complex real-world applications and provide safe, reliable, and effective services.

The robots have been developed to automate front-of-house operations for restaurants. The machines autonomously transport meals from the kitchen/prep area out to a patron’s table. The T8 features a slim profile that enables it to easily move through tight spaces.

The robots showcased in the event include the DINERBOT, GUIDERBOT and Disinfection Robot.

Their functions and use cases are as follows:

  • DINERBOT: A tray-serving food runner robot series featuring T5, T6 and T8 to assist waiters in swiftly serving and returning used plates, allowing for an increased focus on customer service while reducing the risk of injuries, and greatly boosts overall efficiency while delivering consistent service level.
  • BUTLERBOT: A robot to redefine hotel guests’ experience. BUTLERBOT W3 is a delivery robot that can take the elevator and deliver room service to any floor at any time of the day or night to ensure privacy, safety, and efficiency.
  • GUIDERBOT: Designed to greet visitors and help direct people to their seats, the GUIDERBOT G2 provides an efficient and delightful experience, and features two HD digital displays that can be used for advertising.
  • Disinfection Robot: The robot M2 is equipped with professional disinfection lights and sprayers that will kill both surface and airborne bacteria or viruses efficiently to maintain cleanliness in public spaces.

In addition to the DINERBOT T8, a new floating tray for this model is also on display for the first time in Australia. The tray has a removable frame that keeps it from spilling and a base with a notch that faces the same way as the robot tray’s notch. It is made to be put on the top tray of the robot so that it stays stable and balanced and drinks don’t spill when they are delivered.

KEENON also offers KEENON ON-care, a premium after-sales service program providing one-stop repair and maintenance services to global customers.

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