Kindred Appoints Marin Tchakarov to CEO

Kindred has appointed its Chief Operating Officer Marin Tchakarov to CEO and President, following a year of robust growth and performance. Kindred, the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company that supports fulfillment operations for large global retailers like Gap Inc. and Carter’s Inc., has grown its AI-powered robotic system deployments and sales over 300% year-over-year under Tchakarov’s leadership. 

Kindred Technology is an Important Piece of the Warehouse Automation Puzzle

While Kindred does not develop nor deploy autonomous mobile robots, their robotic picking solutions are innovating the automation of bin-picking and piece picking in the warehouse. Kindred is a critical technology in the warehouse automation space, and its solutions can operate side-by-side with autonomous mobile robots (AMR) where the AMR can deliver totes or bins of product for customer orders.

“Marin has been guiding companies to and through high-velocity growth during his 25 years of leadership,” said Pierre Lamond, Chairman of the Board for Kindred and Partner at Eclipse Ventures. “He has a firm understanding of how to scale Kindred in order to seize our unique growth opportunities ahead.”

Kindred Leverages AI for Indentifying and Picking Product

Tchakarov joined Kindred in June 2019. He has worked with the Kindred team and Board of Directors to deliver on the promise of industry cutting edge AI, machine learning and next-generation machine vision robotics systems to increase productivity in supply chain and order fulfillment organizations. In his previous roles as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Kindred, Tchakarov oversaw the finance, administration and operations functions, and fostered a metrics-driven approach to systems and processes. 

A seasoned technology executive of over 25 years, Marin has made valuable contributions to start-up, private and public companies such as KPMG, Oracle, Smart Modular Technologies, Second Life, Jawbone and Pebble. Within these organizations, he delivered on aggressive growth targets, led finance, administration and operations functions, and presided over successful capital market transactions, including initial public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. Marin is a licensed CPA with strong expertise in financial planning and analysis, SEC reporting, investor relations, and venture capital and public markets fundraising.

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